Thursday, May 01, 2008

Chemo Doctor.... and other.

I went to see the chemo doctor yesterday. She was so nice and talked to me for almost an hour. How many doctors take the time to do that? I have to go back to see her in two weeks. She gave me an take chemo and herceptin together or herceptin and radiation. The odds of the cancer coming back is not that much less by taking chemo. Everyone knows what chemo does to you and I cannot imagine not being able to function. You need plenty of rest while you are doing chemo, and that I do not get. Most nights if I get four hours sleep, I am blessed. I would rather for the cancer to kill me than the chemo!
Then I paid my surgeon a visit. No more fluid to drain. That was a plus! So....I'm doing good. My radiation and the herceptin will start after two more weeks! The herceptin is in IV form. It's every three weeks for a year. I sure do wish gas would come down before I have to start that journey. I doubt that happening!!!!


Jamie Dawn said...

I pray and wish you well with your treatments.
Your attitude is good and strong, and I trust you will do marvelously through all of this. You have so far, and you have inspired me to stay strong and live to the fullest even in the face of adversity.
God bless you, Clara.

Judy said...

Clara, I, too, will pray for you and wish you the best with your treatments. I went to your website and Lisa's place is awesome! Old MacDonald has nothing on her!!! My girls do sound a lot like your Lisa. I also looked at your house and all the pretty pictures of your flowers. Thanks for letting me take a look! Judy

Mountain Mama said...

Hi Clara. It sounds like everything is under control and I pray the treatments will leave you cancer free forever more! I thank God for all the new medical technology and treatments that are now available.
You do have a very positive attitude and that is half the battle.
God Bless you dear.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the "best of news" if there is such a thing when it comes to cancer treatment. I just love looking at your sweet smiling face when I log on.

Robin in CA