Friday, August 26, 2011


Crocheted Dress

I entered ten items and won ten ribbons.   Six blue, two red and two white.  I was pleased. .   I didn't make a picture of the lady bug purse at the fair...this is a picture I made at home.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Here's a picture of antique scales I have.  It has nothing to do  with my chilehood memories, but it brings back memories of the first job I had after high school.  I worked at F. W. Woolworth  5 and 10 cent store behind the candy counter.  The scales were something like this.   I remember chocolate covered p-nuts were 59 cents a lb.  Cashews (hot) were $1.59 a lb.  There were a lot in a lb. too.  I wish they were that cheap today.  I remember cooking the cashews and when they came out of the cooker you could smell them all over the store.  My wages were $18.00 a week and I had more money than I do now.    I remember the first payday I ever recieved....I gave my Daddy two dollars and I think he still had that two dollars in his wallet when he died ....about fifty years later.  Do any of you remember F. W. Woolworth's?  I wish it was still in existence.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Follow Up on post below.....

One of the boys working on my drain pipe yesterday.    His Dad was in a car wreck and died.  (He owned the Company) I feel so sorry.  I knew they left here in a hurry.  One of the crew called me this morning and said it would be a few days until they came back to finish up here.  I said. "No Hurry....No Worry.'

Busy, busy, busy.....yard work and more....

Well, here I am and it's NOT Memory Monday....   I have worked in my yard every day this far.  I wish I had made pictures before and after.   For three past years I wasn't able to do much work work outside because of my husband being sick.  He wanted me in "hollering" distance at all times.   Now, it's catching up time.  I have burned brush, cleaned out a fence row and trimmed the lilac bush,  cut down "suckers" around an apple tree stump,  (they were taller than me.)   Now the MORE part.  The line  going from the house to the septic tank is being  replaced.  I have had trouble with it for the last several years.  Every so often, the septic people would have to come and dig down to the tank and open up the drain pipe.  (UCKKK) As of late they were haveing to come every few weeks, so I know it was time to do something else.  They came yesterday and started.   Would you believe my septic tank is under concrete?  Why would anybody concrete over the tank?  The concrete has to be cut out with a saw....what a mess.  But I will be so glad to get that done.   The workers had to leave yesterday.....said there was an emergency.  So, I am here waiting on their return.   Guess I will go back to the yard work and pray for their return!  :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Memory Monday.....State Fair

I have always been a "fair" person.  When I was around ten years old and in the 4H club at school......I made a dress and entered it in the fair.   It won 1st place and I recieved ten dollars.  A child at that time with ten dollars was rich.  I was rich!  I remember the money stayed in my posession for a long long time, but for the life of me, I can't remember what I did with it.   The dress is still vivid in my mind.....  it was plaid and had a V neck.   That has been many moons ago, but I am still taking my "wares" to the fair.  This week I took ten items.  Every year I think about the dress that won ten dollars.  The fair has always been a part of my life.   Have you ever entered anything in the fair?

Monday, August 08, 2011

Memory Monday....Our Entertainment As Children.....and more!

Can you remember what you did for entertainment when you were a kid?  I can....We played Hop Scotch,  Red Rover, May I, Chinese Checkers   and Hide and Seek.   Then when we got tired of doing that we build play houses in the woods.  I remember sweeping out a clean ":room" and placing rocks around it.   We would slice potatoes and put them in salt water and thought they were good.   We didn't know about the X-Box,  ipods, ipads and iphones.  I remember one time, I had a new pair of jeans.  I must have been around seven or eight.  I had worn them so long they woiuld have stood up by their self when I took them off.   My Mother finally got them off of me and put them in the wringer washing machine.   I got them out of the washing machine and put them on wet.   My Daddy must have been close by, because I looked up and he was coming throught the apple orchard.  As he came by one tree he broke off a limb.   He took the jeans off me and switched my wet legs.  You wouldn't believe how much more it hurts when your legs are wet.  I learned my lesson and never again did I try to get ANYTHING out of the washing machine to wear before it was ready.  

Monday, August 01, 2011

Remembering COOLER Days!!! (MEMORY MONDAY)

Baby ! It's HOT outside.   Can you remember when the hot weather didn't bother you?   I can.   In my younger days, no matter how high the tempatures were, it didn't matter to me.  What happens to us as we get older.?   I have just about melted today.  I had to get out of the house and do a few errands and I've been to the surgery center to sit with my sister while her husband and a small place removed from his face.  I am fine as long as I am indoors, but the minute I step outside my stomach starts feeling sick.   Oh, to be young again!!!!