Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Outing Today!

Bill wanted to go for a drive today and this is what we saw. I drove across Holston Mountain and into Damacus VA. Below is Backbone Rock. You can walk all the way across the top. I don't know how long it is, but it takes a while to get across. There is a picnic area there and just a beautiful place.A little church in Shady Valley, TN
South Holston Lake. It is the fullest it has been in several years.

And a Pumpkin Patch.

I could stand here and gaze on God's handiwork forever! If this doesn't make you feel good, nothing will!

Our outing...cont'

South Holston Lake with the bridge in the background.
Cool cool water! It was 68 degrees as we drove through the mountains. What a delightful outing we had.

Friday, August 28, 2009

J4 group These children are brothers and sisters. They won 1st place in a contest with entries from all over the nation. The Today Show had them on right after they won. This is their new video. They live in Bluff City, my little town!

My Fair Ribbons....

Second place on my stained glass window afghan.
First place on "Dolly."

First place on my knitted socks.

First place on crocheted baby booties.

First place on a knitted baby baseball cap. I had nine entries and won seven ribbons. Five of them were blue, one second and one third....two entries that didn't place. Below are Carolyns ribbons. We had a good day at the fair altho we arrived there an hour before it opened.

Carolyn's Ribbons At The Fair......

Her flag afghan won a third place ribbon. I think it deserved more.
And her ripple.

A pair of her knittted socks won a second place ribbon.

A beaded Christmas ornament won a blue ribbon.

And her knitted baby socks won a blue ribbon. There was a knitted baby sweater and cap that won a second place ribbon, but I didn't get a picture . Good work Carolyn! Now we can start thinking about next year!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wave Petunia....

I wanted to post this morning and tell you why I haven't posted. :-) One of my grandsons (Ryan) has been with me for a week. The week before that was full of Dr's appointments and such. It's been a busy summer. Keeping the grass mowed has been a full time job because of all the rain. My garden consisted of two tomato plants and three cucumber plants but that was enough to keep us supplied. I did have a garden across the road from me. My sweet neighbor that always had a garden passed away a year ago and her son put out her garden and told me it was mine. I have had some good things out of that garden. I thought that was so sweet. It feels like fall here this morning. The air is so crisp and cool. I think I am ready! The fair open this week. My friend Carolyn and I will be going on Thursday. That is senior day. I will let you know how that goes! The wave petunia above is on my front porch.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


I just finished this sock. It was enjoyable to work on. I never knew what color was coming next. Now to start on the second one. I can knit two at a time, but I spend more time keeping my yarn straightened out...I need to practice more on two at a time. In the meantime, I will stick to one.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Things For The Upcoming Fair and a Pie Safe....

This is my latest knitted sock. The other one is completed except closing up the toe. They will go to the fair.
Here is Carolyn's pie safe. She sold her hutch and bought this pie safe. It is really old, but in good shape. I like it a lot.

And I knitted this doll . It's a little strange being it's arms and legs are so skinny. It will be one of my fair entries. I named her "Dolly"....only because of the hair! :-)

This flag afghan was made by my friend Carolyn. It will go to the fair also. I think it will win a blue ribbon. What do you think?

Mine isn't as pretty. It is supposed to look like stained glass windows, but it leaves a lot to the imagination. This is the first one I've put together with black. I always had to work on it in the daylight. Have you ever tried to work with black yarn after the sun goes down?