Monday, February 26, 2007

The Holston River.....

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The Holston River..

Yes Rachel, there is a Holston River. It is a major river system of Southwest virginia and East Tennessee. The three major forks of the Holston river (its North, Middle and South Forks) rise in southwest Virginia and have their confluence near Kingsport, Tennessee. From there the river flows roughly southwest, just north of Bays Mountain, until it reaches its confluence with the French Broad river just east of downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. This confluence is considered to be the headwaters of the Tennessee river.

The Holston River valley is greatly developed for electrial power generation, both with hydroelectric dams and coal-fired steam plants. In its upper reaches some of these plants are controlled by private interests; in the downstream portion they are owned by the United States Goverment's Tennessee Valley Authority.

The river was named after Stephen Holston, who built a cabin on the upper reaches of the river in 1746. Holston Mountain was named after the Holston River.

You didn't know you were going to get a history lesson, did you? LOL

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Holston Mountain....

Want to see our mountain? This is Holston Mountain. It is just behind my house and it was beautiful today. It makes me think of the song "Go Rest High on A Mountain" Before I posted the picture you could almost count the trees. Now it looks blurry.... but you get the idea. It was covered with snow last week.

Friday, February 23, 2007

My Valentine Present.....

I know I am late posting this, but I wanted to show you what Bill gave me for Valentine's Day. It is georgous.
Below is what I gave him.

Bill's Badge.....

I told Bill that if he loved me he would wear this badge on Valentine's Day...he has worn it every day since.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Crocheted Square.....

I belong to a crochet exchange group called Crochet Partners. We exchange one or more squares a month depending on how productive you are feeling...LOL.
This is the square I crocheted last night. It goes to Fairfax, VA. This is so much fun. I have squares from all over the US and abroad.
If you want to join in on the fun, go to and join.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Then the fun began......

Ryan and Lucas have been at my house the past several days. They just bring joy to my life. This picture is before we got the "big" snow. The next day we had around three to four inches. I took them home Monday and things aren't the same around here....but life goes on. Spring Break is coming up next month! YEAH!!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Celebrating My 100th post......

which occured last November, but only today did I take notice to that. In celebration, I am going to post 100 things about me. Don't feel it necessary to read them, but if you want.....go to it.
1..I love the Lord.
2..I am a crochetaholic (my husband says he's going to put a crochet hook in my hand when I die)...I say "Please do, the angels can always use more lace".
3..I love to cook.
4..Eating is WONDERFUL.
5..I have gained 20 lbs since I retired 10 years ago.
6..I despise for someone to blow their nose where I am cooking or eating.
7..I mow the yard.
8.I get up on the roof and clean out my gutters.
9..I puddy in my windows....when needed.
10..I can lay ceramic tile and linolum.
11..I can't stand for anyone to tell me how to drive.
12..I love to read.
13..Knitting is a favorite pastime.
14..I love babies. I have two little angels in Heaven.
15..Years ago, I could sing...but you know the old saying "If you don't use it, you lose it...well, I lost it.
16..I miss singing.
17..Photography is one of my hobbies.
18..I dyed my hair for 30 it's all natural....White of course. I earned every one of them..LOL (I've never had a perm)
19..I love white hair.
20..I love to grow things...inside and outside.
21..I would hate to give up my computer.
22..I like to live simple, but still be comfortable.
23..I have a lot of everybody says. There is a plaque hanging on my wall that says "Grant Me Patience Lord, But Hurry".
24..I love Christmas.
25..I love bright, sunny days. I used to lay in the sun, but don't do that any more.
26.I love snow.
27..I like to hang my clothes outside to dry.
28..I love to go to church.
29..I love people...(most of them)...I pray for the rest of them.
30..I love to sleep...(at one time, I could sleep 10 hours without waking up, but not now. I wish I could!
31..I have a sweet-tooth. (It's false, but I still have it) LOL
32..I am a diabetic.
33..I hate to fish.
34..I don't like sports. (sorry)
35..The sunrises and sunsets fasinate me.
36..I hate card games.
37..I have dandruff.
38..I love Gospel Music and Country Music (most of it)
39..I can play the piano.
40..I can follow directions.
41..I can't swim.
42..I can hang wall paper and paint.
43..I painted the outside of my house...(when I was younger)
44..I can't work as hard as I used to.
45..I love big Victorian Houses. (Had one and sold it) Boo Hoo!
46..I can use a chain saw.
47..I lined the brakes on my car.
48..I used to sew a lot. When my daughter was small, I made her a new dress every week until she was around five.
49..I'm in the process of making a quilt.
50..I would have liked to be a nurse.
51..I didn't go to college.
52..I graduated from high school.
53..Diet Coke is my favorite drink. (Bad)
54..When I first get up in the mornings, I don't like to talk. I just want silence.
55..I love a fireplace. (Gas)
56..I hate to carry out ashes.
57..I love a wood stove.
58..Read 56 again.
59..I do not cut my toenails or fingernails straight across.
60..Sometimes I forget to clean my face before I go to bed.
61..I go to bed between 9:30 and 11:00.
62..I get out of bed between 6:00 and 8:00.
63..I talk to my oldest grandson on the phone every day (sometimes more). He lives two hours away.
64..I love my grandchildren with every ounce of my being. Ryan, 21...and Lucas 12. They were both preemies. Ryan weighed 1 lb. and 8 oz.
65..I pray every day.
66..I wait on my sick husband every day. He has been sick for 13 years.
67..My Mother-in-law is 94. I keep her groceries and medicine up to date.She lives about 26 minutes from me.
68..I never sleep during the day.
69..I am afraid of wind, and somtimes I have scary dreams.
70..I take 8 pills a day.
71..I have high blood pressure. (controlled)
72..I like to sleep where it is totally dark.
73..I love my two children. Lisa 45, Gary, 41. I love them also... with every ounce of my being.
74..My husband says I look like I'm pregnant....(You should see him) LOL
75..I keep my medicine in a pill box and sometimes I forget to look at the box.
76..I have two inside and one outside that sleeps on a heating pad in the winter. He is 16 years old.
77..I love to do the garden thing..
78..I like to visit my daughter's third grade class while she is teaching. (Don't get to do that very often)
79..TV is O.K. , but don't watch it that much. I like the Health Channel and the Food Network. Every once in a while, a good movie on Lifetime. Oh, I like Super Nanny.
80..I love my blog. You are here.
81..I have a web-page.
82..At the moment....I am "racking" my brain, to think of 18 more things about me....or is that "wracking"?
83..I can't spell worth a hoot!
84..I wish I were better with words. Some people are so gifted with words and know how to write them down on paper. I lost out on that!
85..Did I mention I loved my Grandchildren?
86..I'm getting wrinkles around my mouth (and other places).Lucas calls them stripes.
87..I wear glasses.
88..No Make-Up...unless I go to church or the funeral home.
89..I just now "unstopped" a commode.
90..I love hot tea...Constent Comment.
91..At the fair last year, I won "Best Of Show" for a painting I did on wood.
92..Did I mention I like to paint on wood material and walls?
93..I hate Gossip...altho I have been know to engage in it.
94..I love to read the Bible...need to read it more.
95..I hate stacks and stacks of newspapers. I never know what to do with them.
96..I like comfortable clothes...especially the ones that have elastic around the waist.
97..I hate high heeled shoes...especially the ones with the pointed toes. They are the ones my daughter likes.
98..I love purses.
99..There are two things I can never be without...Poly Fiber Fill and Coffee...(and yarn comes in there also.)
100..My hands are never idle...nor my mind for that matter..(unless I am having a senior moment, which seems to be happening more lately) My husband says I could build a house....I probably could....if I were younger....and had directions.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ham and Bean Soup with Tomatoes.....

Rachel, your bean soup made my mouth water the other day. I found this mixture of beans with ham flavoring at my grocery store.....I added some ham of my own and some diced tomatoes. Very soothing and filling on a day like today. Of course, there was cornbread on the side!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


A very weird thing has happened.
A strange old lady has moved into my house.
I have no idea who she is,
where she came from, or how she got in.
I certainly didn't invite her. All I know
is that one day she wasn't there,
and the next day she was.
She's very clever. She manages to
keep out of sight for the most part;
but whenever I pass a mirror, I catch a glimpse of her there;
and when I look into a mirror directly to
check my appearance, suddenly she's hogging the whole thing,
completely obliterating my gorgeous
face and body. It's very disconcerting.
I've tried screaming at her to leave
but she just screams back at me, grimacing horribly.
If she's going to hang around, the least she could do is offer to pay the rent.
But no, Every once in a while I do find a couple of dollar bills on the kitchen counter, or some loose change on my dresser, but that certainly isn't enough. In fact, though I don't like to jump to conclusions, I think she steals money from me regularly.
I go to the ATM and withdraw a hundred dollars, and a few days
later, it's gone. I certainly don't go through it that fast, so I can only conclude that the old lady pilfers it.
You'd think she'd spend some of it on wrinkle cream.
God knows she needs it. And, the money isn't the only thing she's taking.
Food seems to disappear at an alarming rate. Expecially
the good cream, cookies, candy.
I just can't keep them in the house.
She really has a sweet tooth.
She should watch it; she's really putting on the pounds.
I think she realizes that,
and to make herself feel better,
I know she is tampering with
my scale so I'll think that I'm gaining weight, too.
For an old lady, she's really quite childish.
She also gets into my closets
when I'm not home and alters all my clothes.
They're getting tighter every day.
Another thing...I wish she'd
stop messing with my files
and the papers on my desk. I can't find anything
anymore. This is particularly hard to deal with
because I'm extremely neat and organized;
but she manages to jumble everything up so nothing
is where it's supposed to be.
Furthermore, when I program my VCR to tape something
important, she fiddles with it after I leave the room so it
records the wrong channel or shuts of completely.
She finds innumerable, imaginative ways to irritate me.
She gets my newpapers, magazines and mail before me and blurs all the print;
and she's done something sinister with the volume controls on my TV, radio, and phone. Now all I hear are mumbles and whispers. She's also made my stairs steeper, my vacuum cleaner heavier, all my knobs and faucets hard to
turn and my bed higher and a real challenge to climb into and out of.
Futhermore, she gets my groceries as soon as I shelve them and applies super glue to the tops of every jar and bottles so they're just about impossible to open.
Is this any way to repay my hospitality?
I don't even get any respite at night. More than once her snoring has awakened me. I don't know why she can't do something about that. It's very unattractive.

As if all this isn't bad enough, she is no longer confining her malevolence to the house. She's now found a way to sneak into my car with me and follow me wherever I go.
I see her reflection in store windows as I pass, and she's taken all the fun out of clothes shopping because her penchant for monopolizing mirrors has extended to dressing room. When I try something on, she dons an identical outfit, which looks ridiculous on her and then stands directly in front of me so I can't see how great it looks on me.
I thought she couldn't get any meaner than that, but yesterday she proved me wrong. She had the nerve to come with me when I went to have some passport pictures taken, and she actually stepped in front of the camera just as the shutter clicked....DISASTER! I have never seen such a terrible picture. How can I go abroad now? No customs official is ever going to believe that old crone scowling from my passport is me.
She's walking on very thin ice. If she keeps this up, I declare, I'll put her in a home. On second thought, I shouldn't be too hasty. First, I think I'll check with IRS and see if I can claim her as a dependent.