Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Joy For Today.....

This blue flower is called a Grecian Wind Flower. The wind must spread the seed because they are all over my yard. I think they are so delicate and beautiful.
And one of my favorite flowers.....the Joniquil. When you see them....Spring is not far behind. PTL!!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Find Joy.......

I have a dear friend who lives in Flordia. She sent me a check for 50.00 and told me to go buy whatever I wanted for myself. I headed straight for Cranberry Lane. That is a store on State Street in Bristol, and everything in that store, I would just about die for...(well, not really) but this above is what I bought. It is bigger than it looks her....about 40 inches long and 8 inches wide. I hung it on the wall behind my dining room table. They have some small pictures that I am going to get to hang underneath. I look at it all of the time and I am following its instructions. We can find joy in something everyday!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm Back.....

But not all the way. I have had a little aggravation going on with me the last two weeks. When I went to have my mamogram done, they called and said there was a lump. Usually when there is something there that looks suspicious they will call for an ultra sound....Instead they called my surgeon. That worried me a little. But anyway, I made an appointment with my surgeon and had a lump removed and I haven't heard the results. This took place on Wed. a week ago. Today has been nine days. I should be hearing soon.
And I have Home Health started for Bill. Lisa came to be with me for five days. She was on her Spring break. She really was a God send. I don't know what I would have done without her. I told her I thought I would adopt her! But anyway....she is the one who got the ball to rolling on home health. Four nurses have already been here twice. One is for Physical Therapy, one to check his vital signs, one to give him a bath and the other one is an asst PT. I can tell already that it is going to take some of the burden off of me. One of the nurses ask him the other day if he was stressed and he said "no". She looked over at me and said, "I think you are the one who is stressed".
Anyway, I hope I can get back in the groove and start posting again. I think everyone will be relieved when Spring gets here. I know I will!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Funeral today....

Today I went to the funeral and burial of Kristal who was killed when a truck ran into her house. Last night was the recieving of friends and I have NEVER seen so many people. I stayed there one one and one half hours and the line moved the whole time I was there and when I left, people were still lined up down the street waiting to get inside. Today at the gravesite, it was so cold. The wind chill factor was 15. It has snowed just about all day. The cemetary is close to a radio station and when balloons were released, the wind took them into the radio tower and they were still there when I left. Kristal's brother wrote a beautiful poem, and he read it at the funeral. I feel so sad!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Endoscopy Yesterday!!

I went yesterday and had my esophagus stretched. My food was getting lodged again. I had it done once before in 2005. I was sedated so I didn't feel anything except this morning my throat is a little irritated. No big deal!


My hair is white and I'm almost blind,
The days of my youth are far behind.
My neck is stiff, I can't turn my head...
Can't hear one-half of what's being said
My legs are wobbly, can hardly walk...
But glory be, I can surely talk.
And this is the message I want you to get,
I'm still a-kickin'...I ain't dead yet.

My joints are stiff, won't move in their sockets,
And nary a dime is left in my pocket.
So maybe you think I look like heck,
But still I do have a whole lot of fun,
I've got lots of friends, so kind and so sweet,
And still many more that I'll never meet.
Oh, this wonderful world of ours,
Shade and sunshine and beautiful flowers.
So you just take it from me, you bet...
I'm glad I'm livin'....I ain't dead yet!

I've got corns on my feet and in-growing nails,
And do they hurt: Here plain language fails.
To tell you my troubles would take too long,
If I tried you surely would give the gong!
I go to church and Sunday School too,
For I love the story that ever is new.
And when I reach the end of my row,
And as I leave this house of clay,
I hope to my Heavenly Home I will go.
If you listen closely, I'm quite apt to say...
"Well folks, I've left you, but don't forget,
I've just passed on, but....I AIN'T DEAD YET!"

Sunday, March 02, 2008

This is Terrible.....

I don't know how to begin. You remember my Mother-in-law died this past July. Her house sold and this young single Mom was living in it. Her little girl is four years old. Her Mother and sister live in the two adjoining houses. This house is in a sharp curve. This morning at 1:20 AM a pick-up truck ran through the house. The girl living there was asleep on the couch with the flu. Her daughter was with the Dad. The truck ran over her and then knocked the gas stove all the way into the next room. They found her UNDER the truck. There was a big explosion. The house went up in flames in an instant they said. It was so hot the fire department couldn't get to her and her Mother was yelling to let her go in to get my daughter. Isn't that a horrible nightmare? I cannot imagine what she is going through. I went to see her today and all we could do was hug and cry. She kept saying, "I can't believe she's gone." We prayed together and said that God would not leave us nor forsake us. I pray she will find some peace in her heart tonight and in the months to come as she grieves for her precious daughter.
A fifteen year old girl was driving the truck and a seventeen year old boy was a passenger. They fled the secne. The law apprehended them walking a few blocks away. I feel sorry for their families. What will happen to both of their young lives.
I made some pictures of the house, but couldn't bring myself to post them. I have cried all day!