Monday, May 26, 2008


My Mother always said, "If you don't know where you came from, How do you know where you are going?"
Below is my own creation of :


I am from hayfields and blackberry patches, gathering eggs and selling them to my Daddy in his store.

I am from a five room house with no bath...but a path.

I am from cherry trees where I climbed and ate as many as I carried home...from digging potatoes in the rich earth.

I am from skinny dipping and swinging on grape vines, two room schoolhouse, sitting on the front porch singing while my Mother played the guitar......wringer washers and wash tubs.

I am from playing the piano, the accordion and making playhouses in the woods....hide and seek, jumping rope and May I.

From: Raleigh's Liniment, Cracker Jacks and Castor Oil....Revival Meetings and Baptisms in the river....catalogs and feed sack skirts.

From "Pretty is only skin deep " to "Always mind your manners."

I am from Methodist, Baptist, Wednesday night prayer meetings and shouting Hallaujah.

I am from the Volunteer state of Tennessee with lakes and mountains, race cars, beans, cornbread and red eye gravy. We always called it "God's Country".

I am from family get togethers, singing with my sisters, a Mother with a heart of gold and a Daddy with a strict hand.
A grandfather who always looked to see if I had my fingernails painted and a grandmother who could squeeze your heart out.

Yes, I came from a family of seven siblings and I have told you where else I came from. It was wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing if I could. Now let me tell you where I am going...."To Where The Streets Are Paved With Gold". Some days, I can't wait!

I got this idea from:

Judy over at Living On The Other Side Of The Hill. She has a sample template there that you can follow if you wish or just make up your own creation. Thanks Judy! That was fun!
If any of you put this on your blog , leave me a comment on my blog so I can read what you have written! Have fun!


Judy said...

Oh, Clara, how wonderful your poem turned out to be! I really enjoyed doing this and glad you did, too. You reminded me of so many things I left out of mine but that we have in common. Thanks for adding to my memories and for being such a faithful reader of my blog.

Mountain Mama said...

Neat post. I'm from some of the same places you arew. LOL! Maybe we rubbed shoulders someplace along the way.
I did this same 'Where I'm From' meme a few years ago on my first blog. I think I may post it again.
Thanks for ther idea.

Rachel said...

This was wonderful stuff Clara!! I can certainly relate to so many of the things you said!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I love where you came from and where you're going!
I came from different places and settings, but we are headed to the same destination.


Ladyfromthewoods said...

I love your poem. I finally got around to making one too.