Sunday, May 04, 2008


Lisa brought me this rose for Mother's day. She won't get to come back next week, so I got it early. The color is light purple. I've never seen a rose that color and it smells so good. I will plant it beside of the one she gave me last year. I hope I live long enough to have a BIG rose garden!


Marci said...

Happy Birthday Clara!!!!! You are one special lady!!!

Judy said...

Clara, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! The light fixture is beautiful and so is the rose bush.
I loved the story about your dad's store and you all selling him eggs.
That is so funny. I have all those Janice Holt Giles books that I have listed. I think they are better than the one I just bought. I have started it but am kind of having trouble getting into it.
Have a great week. Judy

Cathy said...

Hello Clara

Happy Birthday from me also
Thanks for dropping by the other day, if you come back you'll see I've mentioned what I have been knitting

Take care

Rachel said...

I hope your birthday was wonderful Clara!! I love your new ceiling fan and the rose bush. It's beautiful!!