Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas Tree and Window.....

This window is beside my back door and that is the door everyone uses that comes to my house. I crocheted the curtain hanging there. It could have been a little wider, but it will have to do. I kinda like it.
Here's my tree. You can't see the lights. I love to sit there and watch.....they do eight different things....I think when I snapped the picture, they were changing functions.
There is another post below. Blogger is being a Scrooge this morning. I couldn't get all the pictures in one post.

My Christmas Village Mantle...

O.K.....Here's my Christmas Village on the Mantle. I made two end and then the other end. It looks pretty at night when its all lit.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quilt Barn....Co-op....

The Quilt here is hung on the co-op building in Blaine, TN. This is on 11W, about 15 miles before you get into Knoxville, going West.
Close Up.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mobility Chair.....

We had put in a request through our Doctor for a Scooter for my husband Bill. It has been in the process for about two months or more. Last week, the Mobility Company called me and said everything was finished and they were ready to deliver the scooter. We set up a delivery date which was this morning at 11:00. They came right on time and the guy backed the scooter out of his van without any problem. Well, when he tried to bring it into the house, it wouldn't run. The battery was fully charged and he checked all the connections and he called the help line for assistance. No one could figure out why the thing wouldn't go. I told him I thought we had a lemon! He agreed! In the meantime, there was another Mobility Chair in his van. That is what my husband wanted in the first place.....but I wasn't educated about the difference between a chair and a scooter. I tried to get the guy to leave the chair, but he said he was delivering it to someone else.....but he would tell the case worker that my husband needed the chair instead of the scooter. all has to go through the Doctor again, but it will be worth the wait, I think.
In the meantime.....I need a nap....that was so tiring!!!!! If I have many days like today, they are going to need to bring me one.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Crocheted Baby Sweaters....

I just finished crocheting these baby sweaters. A friend of my daughter is going to have twin granddaughters. I love to crochet or knit baby clothes. (Especially little girl things.) I have always made things for my grandsons, but for some reason the frilly things turn out so much cuter.

Close Up of Sweater.....

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Busy Week-end!!!! But I survived!!!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My daughter and her family came from Knoxville early Thursday morning. I had everything almost ready when they arrived. We had such a good time together, and the best part.....the boys got to stay with me until today (Sunday) We took them home today. (Dot, maybe after today, I will be back in the groove)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Blogging friends. May your heart be filled with thankfulness and love.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Quilt Barn....Hawkins County....

This barn is in Hawkins County. I always look at the compost pile in front of the barn and think I would like to have some of that to put on my garden! The quilt square is pretty, but my favorite is yet to come.... Stay tuned!

Close Up !!!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Quilt Barn.....and Gift Shop

This barn is in Grainger County. I had to stop right on the highway and was a little nervous about being run over I didn't get a close up. I would like to stop and see inside the gift shop. Someday I will.

Friday, November 17, 2006

What is It??????

What is it????? How many of you know the answer? I saw the "thing" while on my quilt trail. I think it used to be common to see this a long time ago, but today it is my area anyway!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

White Barn....With Quilt

This barn isn't very far from my house. It is directly across the road from Bristol Motor Speedway. I like the white barn. Marci, it reminds me of your barn.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Dr's Visit.....

My Doctor was a happy camper today and so was I! Last week I went for the ultra sound on my carotid artery. Today I went to my Doctor for the results. It hasn't changed at all since last year. It has been two years since my second operation.....both on the right side of my neck. He says if you can go three years without any more are probably out of the woods. If I can stay on the right track for one more year......I might live to be 100!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Continuing Saga of the Quilt Trail....

The quilt I post today is in the Washburn community. I'm saving my favorite one for the end. Is anyone getting tired of seeing barns? I still have several I haven't posted. Leave me your thoughts!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Persimmon Tree.....

The persimmons are really good now. This tree is located near Lisa's and it's loaded. We always stop beneath the tree and pick up what has fallen to the ground. I love to make persimmon pudding.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Quilt Pharmacy....

This Pharmacy is in Blaine, Tn. Okie's II Pharmacy. It is on highway 11W, between Knoxville, and Rutledge. I'm glad they joined the Quilt Trail. That's Lisa's truck parked out front while I made the picture.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sam.....Our Dog.....

Our neighbors fell in love with Sam. They don't have any children to love, so they lavish all their love on animals. For about one year, every evening when they get in from work, they come and get him and keep him at their house until around ten o'clock that night. He goes riding with them in their truck. He knows when he gets in the truck, he is going for a hamburger. They even built him a huge dog house and insulated it for the cold weather. For about a year they have begged us to sell them Sam. I would have, but Bill said he liked him so much, he couldn't get rid of him, altho he was going to be right next door. This past Monday I was outside working and Barb (the neighbor) came and asked me again if we would consider selling Sam....that Wednesday was her husbands birthday, and he would like nothing better than to have Sam for his own. I told her again that I would ask Bill. Well, I asked him and he said he would think about it. So yesterday morning he told me he was going to give Sam to Patrick for his birthday. Early this morning, I took him across the fence with his big box of dog food and a birthday card , and tied him to the huge dog house. I rang the door bell and ran! It wasn't long until my phone rang. It was our neighbor, and he was beside himself. But you know, I think it did me more good than it did him. The saying "It's better to give than to receive". How true!!!! And after all....when I want to see Sam, I can go out back and climb the fence and there he is!!!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Mayan Indian Archeological Site...Honduras

Copan Pyramid, Copan Ballcourt...Teams fought here for the right to be sacrificed.

Lisa on the Frog Rock. The Mayan Women went to this rock to have their babies.

Mayan Indian Ruins in Honduras....

Another one of Lisa's adventures.....This site is large....there are 3500 mounds in the 9.5 square miles. An area know as Copan Bottomlands. It is said, walking through these ruins is an eerie experience, like being a child lost in a crowd of demi-deities.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Today has been ~crazy~ and I am tired......

I;m glad today isn't an example of what all my days are like. Bill's aunt called me early and asked if I would take her to get a flu shot. Well, I had to go to the Dr's office anyway to pick up bill's Morphine prescription. It is a controled drug and I have to go to the office and show my picture ID and sign for it. I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and I called my Dr's office and asked if she could get a flu shot even though she wasn't a patient there. They said yes. So I go get her and head for the Dr's office, put the prescription in my purse, she gets her shot and we start back home. She wanted to stop at Family Dollar. I did and we shopped a little bit. I bought two or three items. Now, I take her home and pick up Bill who stayed with his Mama while we were gone. Now, I go to CVS Pharmacy to have the prescription filled. I couldn't find the Morphine prescription. I told the girl it must be in the car and I would be back in a minute. It wasn't in the car. I continued to dump everything out of my purse and my wallet and it wasn't there. I called the Dr's office to see if I had left it there. The girl said, "I saw you put it in your purse". The only other place I had been was the Family Dollar Store. So here I go back to the other side of town to the Family Dollar Store. I walked in and the same girl was on the register. I told her I had just left there and asked her if she had found a prescription with William Melvin's name on it. She opened up her drawer and there it was. It had fell out of my wallet when I paid for my things. When I got back to the Drug Store, I told the pharmacist I lost the prescription at Family Dollar. She just about died! By this time, I was ready for some R & R. I just thought how many people would love to get their hands on that prescription and I knew the Dr would not write me another one and Bill was going to have to suffer for a month before he could get more pills. It made me so tired. I felt the need to take one of the Morphine pills myself!!!! But I didn't!!!! Maybe next time!!!

Another Quilt Barn.....

This Quilt Barn is in Washburn. To get there go across Joppa Mountain , off 11 W HWY. Take a right at the bottom of the mountain. I found several quilt barns on this road. It is called Clothesline of Quilts.
Close up of quilt barn at Washburn.