Monday, July 25, 2011

Memory Monday....

I'm back after spending four days with my daughter and grandsons.   We had the priviledge of seeing Dolly Parton in person.  She came to Thompson- Boling Arena in Knoxville for a concert.   It was great.  I really like her.     I came home last Sunday and the boys came with me, so we enjoyed our week together.  That will be the last time for a long visit because school starts soon.   But anyway....this morning as the soft, gentle rain fell, it brought back memories of my childhood.   We loved to play in the rain. ... running through the puddles and catching rainwater in a barrel.   When it rained, we could always find these tiny frogs.  I never see them now.  They would come out by the hundreds.   We thought it rained them from Heaven.  It sure didn't take much to make us happy.   Does anyone else remember seeing these little frogs?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Memory Monday.....

I was thinking this morning about blackberries.  We used to pick them by the gallons when we were kids.  My Daddy would get us up (it seemed like the crack of dawn) to go pick berries.  We each had a gallon bucket and we stayed until we got it full.  Next would come the jam making.  I never actually made the jam, but I always had to get the jars ready.  I could still get my hand down inside the jar to make certain it was clean.  My Mother would work tirelessly until the jam was ready to be put on the shelf.   I can still pick blackberries at my daughters house, and that brings back all the memories all over again.  A jar of blackberry jam would be nice right now.!  Did any of you pick berries when you were kids?

Saturday, July 09, 2011

My Trip to San Diego, CA

Here are just a few of the MANY, MANY picture I made in San Diego. That's us on the sail boat. It belongs to Fred and Denise....the couple we stayed with.  Click twice on any photo to enlarge.

Here we are at Safari Park. It is part of the San Diego Zoo.

This is Palomar Observatory Telescope. The dome opens up and the telescope inside is just as big.

An Orange Grove. We drove through it.

We went camping one night and I loved it. First time I had been camping since Lisa and Gary were small. It was wonderful.   Ryan and Lucas have on their pajama's and note the jackets.  It was really cool.....7000 feet above sea level!

This was at our camp site. That's Lisa reading Gap Creek by Robert Morgan and that's me sitting there waiting until she gets through so I can read it! It's a good book!

We drove into Tecate, Mexico one day. Here is a sidewalk sale and entertainment outside the restaurant where we ate.

This is really a diet coke.

We were seranated at our table as we ate.

This was my plate of food. Tortillas, refried beans and rice. Doesn't that sound like Mexico> It was good!

This is SHAMU at Sea World.

Here we were in the tram riding though the "bush country" to see the wild animals. It truly felt like I was in Africa. Loved it! Safari Park is GREAT!

Hot air balloon at the zoo. We were going to ride it but it was $17.00 a piece for just a few minutes so we thought it was sufficient to watch from the ground. It was tethered.

Donaldo, Lisa Ryan and Lucas at La Jolla Beach. A beautiful place. Here is where the "rich" people live. (well, ONE place)

This is Anza Borrego. America's largest state park. In the distance you can see miles and miles of desert and the salt sea.

Part of the Safari Park.

You can by-pass this one if you like. It's Lisa, Ryan and Lucas. I'm glad that's her instead of me!

And here....we are taking a break from the zoo and park and eating lunch on the ground in the parking lot. I liked it. Well, that's just a few of the "shots" I made. Hope you enjoyed looking at them. If you did...maybe I will post more later.
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Monday, July 04, 2011

Memory Monday.....

Well, here I am....feeling good but can't get back into the "real world."    My mind isn't working very well this morning.  Maybe by next Monday, I will think of something interesting to write.  There are so many things going around in my head.  I'm sure something will pop up by then.  Until then.... here I sit in San Diego at "The Concert In The Park."  That was fun!  Please do NOT click to enlarge.....LOL

Saturday, July 02, 2011

I'm HOME and All Is WELL!!!!!

WOW!!!!   that was the most wonderful vacation.   We saw so many things.  There was someting BIG to do each day.  Sea World was "out of this world."  The zoo and Safari Park was like being in Africa.  That is scratching the surface of the things we did.  I'm in the process of sending my pictures to my computer.  (all 600 of them)  LOL   I cannot upload them all at one time from my iphone, so I'm having to send them one at a time to my computer.  It may take a while.  Here's one made at the ZOO! 
From  L. to R.   Donaldo (Lisa's husband) Denise, Ryan, Me, Lisa and Lucas.  Click to enlarge.