Friday, September 26, 2008

Walmart...and what happened

I made a trip to Walmart today. After going through the check out with all of my groceries, I stopped at McDonalds (inside Walmart) to get a milk shake for Bill. I parked my buggy just outside McDonalds' door
...the way I have done so many times before. I ordered the milk shake, paid and came back out and my buggy was gone. There was one sitting there, but it wasn't mine. I looked out through the front doors of Walmart and I could see several people walking toward their cars with their carts. I started running to catch up with a few of them and everyone said they had the right one. I knew at this point I would never see mine again. As I was going back into Walmart, a man was also going back in with my cart. He had accidentally pushed mine out instead of his. He apologized and I laughed and told him I was almost certain that someone had stolen my groceries. That could happen very easily. After being bagged....anyone could push them out and the greeters would never know the difference. That taught me two lessons. Keep your eyes on your buggy and stay in good running condition!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Funeral For My Neighbor.....

My sweet little neighbor passed away . She would have been 95 on the 6th of Oct. I learned a lot from her. She was from the "old school" and never wanted for much. She was happy with what she had...plenty to eat, a warm house and a loving family. What more could we want? These picture were made at her gravesite on Sunday. Balloons were released and they were out of sight in just a few seconds. It was such a beautiful day. The bagpipe player is my son, Gary.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who will take the challenge? 100 things!

Here's something to keep you busy! List 100 things about yourself. Below you will see my list. If you do not care to read it, just hit the back button. I'm anxious to see how many of you will take this challenge.
1..I love the Lord. He comforts and encourages me.
2..I am a cancer survivor. (5 months and 10 days) PTL
3..I have been married to the same man for 52 years.
4..I have been his caregiver for sixteen years.
5..We have two grown children...a daughter and a son... two grandsons...and two little angels in Heaven.
6..I am a crochetholic..(my husband says he is going to put a crochet hook in my hand when I die)...I say...Please do...the angels can always use more lace.
7..I love to cook.
8..Eating is wonderful!!!
9..I have gained 20 pounds since I retired 13 years ago. Read # 8 again!
10..I despise for someone to blow their nose where I am eating or cooking.
11..I mow the yard.
12..I get up on the roof and clean out my gutters.
13..I puddy in my windows when needed.
14..I can lay ceramic tile and linoleum.
15..I cannot stand for anyone to tell me how to drive.
16..I love to read.
17..Knitting is a favorite pastime.
18..I love babies. I love the smell of their head.
19..Years ago, I could sing....but know the old saying...."If you don't use lose it"....well, I lost it.
20..I miss singing.
21..Photography is one of my hobbies.
22..I love to grow things...inside and out.
23..I colored my hair for 30 it's all natural..grey of course...I earned everyone of them.
24..I love grey hair.
25..I would hate to give up my computer.
26..I like to live simple...but still be comfortable.
27..I have lots of everybody says....There is a plaque hanging on my wall that says....Grant me patience Lord, but hurry!
28..I love Christmas.
29..I love bright sunny days...used to lay in the sun, but don't do that anymore.
30..I love snow.
31..I like to hang my clothes outside to dry.
32..I love to go to church. (altho I haven't been going much lately) because of my husbands illness.
33..I love people...(most of them)...I pray for the rest of them!
34..I love to sleep..(at one time I could sleep 10 hours without waking up...but not now...I wish I could.
35..I have a sweet tooth...It's false, but I still have it...LOL
36..I am a diabetic.
37..I hate to fish.
38..I don't like sports...(sorry)
39..The sunsets and sunrises fascinate me.
40..I hate card games.
41..I have dandruff.
42..I love Gospel Music and Country Music....(most of it) In fact I like lots of different kinds of music...depends what mood I am in. Forget Rap.
43..I can play the piano.
44..I can follow directions.
45..I can't swim or play the guitar.
46..I can hang wall paper and paint.
47..I painted the outside of my house...(when I was younger) LOL
48..I can't work as hard as I once did.
49..I love big Victorian homes. (Had one and sold it) BOO HOO!
50..I can use a chain saw.
51..I lined the brakes on my car years ago.
52..I used to sew a lot. (when my daughter was small, I made her a new dress every week until she was around five years old.)
53..I have made one quilt top in my lifetime. It still isn't quilted.
54..I wish I had pursued a nursing career.
55..I didn't go to college...My regret.
56..I graduated from high school.
57..Diet Coke is my favorite drink...(bad)
58..When I first get up in the morning, I don't like to talk. I just want silence.
59..I love a fireplace. (gas)
60..I hate to carry out ashes.
61..I love a wood stove.
62..Read #60 again.
63..I do not cut my fingernails or toenails straight across.
64..Sometimes I forget to clean my face before I go to sleep.
65..I go to bed between 9:30 and 11:00 PM.
66..I get out of bed between 6:00 and 8:00 AM (and all hours of the night) I do not sleep good.
67..I talk to my oldest grandson on the phone every day. (sometimes more) He lives two hours away.
68..I love my grandchildren.
69..I pray every day.
70..I never sleep during the day.
71..I am afraid of strong wind and sometimes I have scary dreams.
72..I take 8 pills a day. Six prescriptions and two over the counter. (My husband takes 24 a day...not counting the Nitro Tabs under the tongue.
73..I have high blood pressure...(controlled)
74..I like to sleep where it is totally dark.
75..I love my children.
76..My husband says I look like I am pregnant...(YOU SHOULD SEE HIM) LOL
77..I keep my medicine in a pill box and sometimes I forget to look at the box.
78..I have two cats...both are outside cats, but come in occasionally. I come in second when they are in the house! One of them sleeps on a heating pad outside in the winter time.
79..I love to do the garden thing.
80..I like to visit my daughter's third grade class while she is teaching. (Don't get to do this very often)
81..TV is O.K., but I don't watch it that much.I like the Health Channel and the Food Network. Every once in a while, I watch a movie on Lifetime. Oh, I like America's Got Talent and American Idol.
82..I love my blog.....You are here!
82..I have a Web Page....
83..At the moment I am "racking" my brain...or is that "Wracking" my brain? (to get to the 100 mark!)
84..I can't spell worth a hoot.
85..I wish I were better with words. Some people are so gifted that way and know just how to write them down on paper...I lost out on that!!
86..Did I mention I love my grandchildren?
87..I'm getting wrinkles around my mouth (and other places)...Lucas, my youngest grandson calls them stripes.
88..I wear glasses. I have my first pair...They are 62 years old.
89..No make-up..unless I go to church or the funeral home.
90..I just now "unstopped" a commode.
91..I love hot tea...(Constant Comment)
92..At the fair two years ago, I won "Best Of Show" for a painting I did on wood.
93..Did I mention I like to paint...on wood, material and walls?
94..I hate gossip.
95..I love to read the Bible. I need to read it more.
96..I hate stacks of old newspapers. I never know what to do with them.
97..I like comfortable clothes...especially the ones with elastic around the waist.
98..I hate high heeled shoes...especially the ones with pointed toes.
99..I love purses.
100..There are two things I can never do without....Poly Fiber Fill and Coffee. (Yarn comes in there also) LOL
101....My last one! My hands are never idle..nor my mind, for that matter...(not unless counting the senior moments I have ocassionally) LOL... My husband says I could build a house....I probably could...if I had directions and my back would hold out...
Right now my fingers are worn out from typing. Let's see how many of you take the challenge. Come on....tell us about yourself. You don't have to go all the way to 100... just whatever you want to do!.. let me know if you do it, so I won't miss your post. Have fun! I am TN


I was tagged by:
Grammyof13 who was tagged by Judy to answer 6 questions. So here goes.
1..Where was I ten years ago? Ten years ago I had been retired three years. We were in New Orleans in the airport waiting to get on a plane for Central America. We were going with my daughter and her family. My husband had a heart attack in the airport. Needless to say we didn't go to Central America. Everyone else went and left me in Lake Charles, LA. at the hospital for nine days. I will never forget . He finally was well enough to bring back to our hospital in Bristol and he then had his second triple by-pass heart surgery. That's where I was ten years ago.
2..What's on my 'to do' list for today? Well, today is about over, so I will tell you what I have done. I mowed the yard. I changed the beds, washed the sheets and hung them on the line to dry. I made two loaves of Sourdough bread. I took one loaf to my sweet neighbor. She is very ill and probably won't last through the night. She is 96 years old. It won't be the same around here when she is gone.
3..What if I was a billionaire? I would give each of my children one million, pay off all of their debts. I would set up a trust fund for my grandchildren. I would pay what I owe and have the transmission fixed in my car. (Or maybe I would buy a MINI COOPER) I would help those in need, and I would build a bridge of love between my heart and yours. I would give to my church. That's what I would do with a billion dollars.
4..Places I have lived? I have always lived in Tennessee. Several places, but always in North East Tennessee. We call it God's Country!
5..Bad Habits? Oh, do I have to put them on the internet? LOL I'm sure I have plenty...Just ask my husband! He says I have a bad habit of staying up late. He says I have enough yarn to last a life time, but I still buy more if I see a new color. I can't sit down and just sit there. I either have to be reading, crocheting or knitting. I don't know if that is a habit or not, but it's just the way I am. Now can I tell you about HIS bad habits? LOL
6..Snacks I like? Just show me anything that's bad for you, and I like it. Chocolate, chips, cokes, Little Debbie Cakes. I am a diabetic, so I don't eat many of these, but that is what I like. I try to stick with nuts, cheese and I love popcorn!
Now I am supposed to tag three others's my pick!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Americas Got Talent....

Are any of you watching Americas Got Talent? It is down to the top ten. I still do not have a clue who will win. I believe Queen Emily will be very close to the top, and I like Eli, the man who plays the piano and sings. Neal is very good. Donald Braswell may be the winner. Next Wednesday night is the next 8:00 EST on NBC. Watch and see if you can pick a winner.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Bill's Dr. Appt. & Blood Work....Blood is thicker than water...and it boils quicker too! LOL

I don't say much about Bill's illness...I would rather post about "happy" things....but.....I've had a trying week....This past Tuesday was Bill's regular Doctor's Appt. to see his heart Dr. He missed the last one three months ago because he said he didn't feel like going. Well, he tried that again Tuesday morning and I finally told him if he was too sick to go to the Dr., he needed to be in the hospital where they could come see him there. I was going to call 911 if he was too sick to get ready! It took me forever to get him ready...he wouldn't get in the shower so I sponged him the best I could and put clean clothes and socks on him. He wasn't a happy camper!! When we were nearly there he said, "You know, I feel better than I have in a long time." What can I say?????
And this morning, we both had to have our three month blood work done. He did the same wears me down trying to get him going. I feel like I've been fighting a war. I've been thinking about starting a blog to vent...and call it "The Long And Winding Road"...that leads me to my grave.
Rachel, I just finished reading "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. What a legacy he left. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was like him?

Monday, September 01, 2008


Here's Lisa and her first cousin Kathy. Can't you tell they are related? A picture of the much food!
I made a cobbler and half of it was blueberry and the other half cherry.
This was my plate.


Our Aunt Virgie Was "Queen For A Day" She will be 91 years young on Oct. 19th.This is Susie and Selmar Humphrey...cousins of Bill...they left their camp site in Saltville to come be with us. Love You Both for this!
I want to show you Loretta's Root Cellar. It is just off the patio at the back of their house. I love it!
Here's Helen from Ashville, she is Bill's sister.....Jean from Baltimore, MD....she is Bill's Aunt by marriage....and Virgie...our Queen.
This is my son Gary, playing the bagpipes. Everyone seemed to enjoy the entertainment. The sound was perfect on a perfect day!