Saturday, July 05, 2008


These cows are outstanding in their field.
This is a Weir Dam just below South Holston Dam. It is a small overflow-type dam used to raise the level of a stream or river and to oxygenate the water. There's a beautiful mile-long walking path around an island called Osceloa Island
This is a view of Shady Valley, TN


Frank Baker said...

Cloody and I lived in Hickory,NC a long time ago and I still miss the NC mountains. My daughter still lives in the area (Claremont, NC ) and she introduced me to your blog. I'm a friend of Patsy Smith and she and I have been learning to blog. I always enjoy reading what's going on in NC.

Frank Baker said...

Cloody and I now live in Blytheville, AR. Just a few miles from the MO boot heel. The country is AR delta and is very flat. The highest point in the county is an overpass over I-55

Rose said...

I love that picture of Shady Valley.