Friday, July 18, 2008

Lucas' Hospital Ordeal....and more....

Lucas had to be circumcised. He is thirteen. After my treatment Tuesday, I headed for Lisa's. Lucas had to be at the hospital at 12:15. I stayed with him and he was happy. He did really well, and is almost completely healed . I stayed all night Tuesday night and came back home Wednesday. I thought I smelled something bad when I opened the back door at my house, but couldn't figure out what it was. I knew I hadn't left any trash out, but there was something not right. When I started to cook, I went down stairs to my freezer to get corn. I opened it, and everything was thawed..... and it seemed to have been thawed for a long time. What a mess it was! It was about seven P.M. I knew I had to get it out so I filled seven big black trash bags. I put them outside in my drive way. Then I had to dip a foot of bad water out of the freezer. I poured bleach in and brought the water hose in and washed it down with water. I did that twice. Come to find out, the breaker was off in the main box. I knew my fish pond pump had stopped working, but I thought the pump had gone bad. NOT...It was on the same circuit. Now I had all of the food out in my driveway, and I knew the dogs would have a field day that night, so I waited until my son came home at 9:30 and he put a ladder up to the roof over my deck. He put the bags of food up on the roof until the next morning. I then called Waste Management and they told me where to take it to a land fill. When I got there...about twenty BIG trash trucks were in front of me. It took an hour to get in and an hour to get out. They weighed my car before and after. I had 180 lbs. of food. That was enought to last all winter. But now I have a clean freezer and it's time to fill it again. I just pray the breaker doesn't get throwed....I'm tired and I hate rotten food!


Judy said...

Oh,my goodness, Clara, what a mess! I am so sorry you lost all your food. That is just awful. I would have been a wreck but then if we stop and think about it that food can be replaced. Nobody was hurt or killed. I think you are like me and try to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to realize that but I usually come around. I am sure it was a loss but it could have been worse. My sister has raccoons get up on her roof at night and try to get in her chimney. You could have awakened to the food spread out on the roof!!! I am so glad your grandson is recuperating nicely.
I am sure it was still a real mess to clean up. Wish I had been there to help you.

bennie and patsy said...

Oh!I am so sorry that happen to you. Like Judy said the raccoons would have had a fun night on our roof too. Hug your grandson for me.

Marci said...

Oh Clara, I know how gross cleaning up that stuff is. My parents refrigerator quit working when they were in Ohio for the summer. I would water plants, etc. I smelled that same yucky smell and had to track it down.

I am glad Lucas did well.

Beth said...

Oh my, Clara, I'm so sorry you went through all that and lost so much food. That's terrible. I know from experience what a pain it is. When we lived near Raleigh, NC, we had Hurricane Fran go through and lost our power for over a week. Needless to say, we lost all our food...and had a lot of other mess (fallen trees, etc.) to clean up, too. But, thank God, none of us were hurt.
I hope your grandson continues to do well.
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I've enjoyed visiting yours!

Cathy said...

Hello Clara

Sorry to hear you had to battle all that mess AND have to take it to the Tip as well.

Amazing how much it weighed - it was worth the long wait to get rid of it tho' Were you surprised at how many trucks were in line there or was it later in the day after they'd finished their run?

Take care

Grammy said...

Goodness Gracious! What a dilemma to come home to! It reminds me of when we were living in Florida and had Hurricane Ivan come through. The freezer in the utility room and the one that was a part of the kitchen fridge were absolutely filled and when we got back home a week later, yep! It was horrible, but at least there was more than one of us to take care of the mess. Bless your heart!
I am so glad that your grandson, Lucas, is doing well. That surgery had to be kind of traumatic for him to go through. I'm glad you could be there for him. God bless you!

Sharri said...

Oh no Clara! What a mess! YUCK!
Any chance your homeowners insurance would cover the food loss?

But, I'm happy to hear that Lucas made out so well!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm glad Lucas is doing well and recovering.

What a shame to lose all that food!! I bet that really did smell awful!
You were wise to not leave it out overnight. Dogs would have made a HUGE mess in your yard.
Well, time to fill that freezer back up with some yummy stuff!!

Mountain Mama said...

I'm so sorry that happened. What an awful waste and a lot of work too.
I had that happen to me once and it was devastating because I had a family to feed. One of the boys had apparently unplugged the freezer to use the outlet for something else and forgotten to plug it back in. That did not happen again you can be sure.
I was careful to check the freezer frequently after that to be sure it was working.
I hope you can find some good sales to refill your freezer for winter Clara.