Thursday, July 24, 2008


Doesn't this look better? I worked all evening and it was well worth it! Now I can get to my chair and I hear it calling my name this very moment. Tomorrow morning , at breakfast time, it will be calling my name again.
Whew!!!!!!! I'm glad that is finished!!!!!


Judy said...

My gosh, Clara, I bet you are exhausted. That was a lot of work you did there. It looks so much better and your little porch looks so inviting. Guess you have been "sprucing up" the place, too. I know you can't wait to get back out there and relax, read, have coffee, etc. Great job!

bennie and patsy said...

I posted my Hat's today.I think you like hat's to.Can we see them.

Cathy said...

Hello Clara
I'd say that's a job well done and you certainly deserve a rest now.

You'll be able to see what's going on all over the place without moving a muscle. Bet you are too tired to move anyway lol

Take care and enjoy your quiet time

Beth said...

Gracious, that was quite a job! It looks lovely. I can see why you love to sit there and read--I can just imagine being there with a cool glass of lemonade, a little breeze caressing my face, and a favorite book. Aren't porches wonderful?

Jamie Dawn said...

I scrolled down to see the BEFORE pics.
You worked your fanny off!!!
I hope you relaxed and had some sweet tea after all that hard labor.


Your plants & trees look so good. You should be proud of yourself!