Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Joy For Today.....

This blue flower is called a Grecian Wind Flower. The wind must spread the seed because they are all over my yard. I think they are so delicate and beautiful.
And one of my favorite flowers.....the Joniquil. When you see them....Spring is not far behind. PTL!!!!!


Mountain Mama said...

Your wind flowere is just beautiful. How wonderful that the seeds spread so well.
I just planted 30 pansies and primroses a few days ago and today it's snowing again. I sure hope for the LAST time this spring and I pray my little posies aren't damaged.
Take care Clara.

Rachel said...

So glad to see you posting again Clara!! I missed you, but as you can tell, I'm behind in my reading and commenting. And so it goes...

I do hope the lump turns out benign. We always tend to think the worst! So glad you have Home Health helping you. I have an aide that comes 3 x a week to give my husband a bath from HH. That really does help. A nurse comes from VA once a month and the VA doctor comes twice a year. But if I need them they'll come right out. They have been so helpful. Today he has been totally confused but finally (Thank God) he is sleeping now, so I'm trying to catch up on blog reading.

Love your flower pictures!! My daffodils are blooming nicely and my neighbor picked some and used them for the bouquet that sat on the parsonage table this morning at church. It was a lovely arrangement!