Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm Back.....

But not all the way. I have had a little aggravation going on with me the last two weeks. When I went to have my mamogram done, they called and said there was a lump. Usually when there is something there that looks suspicious they will call for an ultra sound....Instead they called my surgeon. That worried me a little. But anyway, I made an appointment with my surgeon and had a lump removed and I haven't heard the results. This took place on Wed. a week ago. Today has been nine days. I should be hearing soon.
And I have Home Health started for Bill. Lisa came to be with me for five days. She was on her Spring break. She really was a God send. I don't know what I would have done without her. I told her I thought I would adopt her! But anyway....she is the one who got the ball to rolling on home health. Four nurses have already been here twice. One is for Physical Therapy, one to check his vital signs, one to give him a bath and the other one is an asst PT. I can tell already that it is going to take some of the burden off of me. One of the nurses ask him the other day if he was stressed and he said "no". She looked over at me and said, "I think you are the one who is stressed".
Anyway, I hope I can get back in the groove and start posting again. I think everyone will be relieved when Spring gets here. I know I will!


Marci said...

Oh Clara, I will be praying. I wish you had told us, we could have been praying for you all along.

Cathy said...

Welcome back Clara

Take care

Mountain Mama said...

I pray all is well. I'm glad you got some help too.Its hard to be caregiver alone.
You take care of yourself and keep us informed.
God bless TN said...

Marci, it seems that everything I have posted as of late has been sad! I was waiting for a "Happy Note".... I will be O.K. I know!

Jamie Dawn said...

I saw you comment over at Rachel's. I am sorry to hear that your lump is malignant. I know you are making every effort to find joy wherever you can, and I wish you some joy and comfort and strength as you deal with your health and your husband's as well.
I pray that treatment will go well and you will recover fully and be cancer free.