Saturday, March 08, 2008

Funeral today....

Today I went to the funeral and burial of Kristal who was killed when a truck ran into her house. Last night was the recieving of friends and I have NEVER seen so many people. I stayed there one one and one half hours and the line moved the whole time I was there and when I left, people were still lined up down the street waiting to get inside. Today at the gravesite, it was so cold. The wind chill factor was 15. It has snowed just about all day. The cemetary is close to a radio station and when balloons were released, the wind took them into the radio tower and they were still there when I left. Kristal's brother wrote a beautiful poem, and he read it at the funeral. I feel so sad!


Marci said...

Oh Clara, that is such a hard thing. How old were her children?

Mountain Mama said...

Funerals are difficult in general but seem more depressing when it's cold or raining.
I pray her loved ones will find peace and comfort during this awful time.
I also pray the Lord will comfort you Clara. You have a tender heart and it gets hurt easily.

Rachel said...

So sorry to hear about this Clara. What a tragic awful thing to happen, and so senseless.

Jamie Dawn said...

How very sad. That accident was so tragic. It almost seems like an impossibility that it could have happened, but sadly it DID happen.
I am so sorry for all the grief that is felt there.
I am glad that so many people came to offer their condolences.
I hope you will be a comfort to those who remain and that God will also comfort you.
There are no easy fixes or good answers during a time like this. Pain and grief are awful things to go through.