Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Endoscopy Yesterday!!

I went yesterday and had my esophagus stretched. My food was getting lodged again. I had it done once before in 2005. I was sedated so I didn't feel anything except this morning my throat is a little irritated. No big deal!


My hair is white and I'm almost blind,
The days of my youth are far behind.
My neck is stiff, I can't turn my head...
Can't hear one-half of what's being said
My legs are wobbly, can hardly walk...
But glory be, I can surely talk.
And this is the message I want you to get,
I'm still a-kickin'...I ain't dead yet.

My joints are stiff, won't move in their sockets,
And nary a dime is left in my pocket.
So maybe you think I look like heck,
But still I do have a whole lot of fun,
I've got lots of friends, so kind and so sweet,
And still many more that I'll never meet.
Oh, this wonderful world of ours,
Shade and sunshine and beautiful flowers.
So you just take it from me, you bet...
I'm glad I'm livin'....I ain't dead yet!

I've got corns on my feet and in-growing nails,
And do they hurt: Here plain language fails.
To tell you my troubles would take too long,
If I tried you surely would give the gong!
I go to church and Sunday School too,
For I love the story that ever is new.
And when I reach the end of my row,
And as I leave this house of clay,
I hope to my Heavenly Home I will go.
If you listen closely, I'm quite apt to say...
"Well folks, I've left you, but don't forget,
I've just passed on, but....I AIN'T DEAD YET!"


Marci said...

Clara, how is Bill? I loved your poem.

Mountain Mama said...

My oldest daughter has to have her esophagus stretched occassionally too. So did my mom. It must be something inherited.

I like the poem. Made me smile a lot.
Blessings Clara

Jamie Dawn said...

Well I'm glad your food will go down like it's supposed to now. I'm glad you are okay. I know a man from our church in CA that had the same problem. I'm glad getting it fixed is not too bad of an ordeal.

Terrific poem!!!!!

Robin J. said...

Dear Clara,

I'm so glad that you are recovering from your procedure. Your poem is great fun.


Moobear said...

Hello Clara,

I am sorry to hear about Bill and do hope he is improving. I have trouble swallowing, especially meat Clara, it gets so far and does not wanna go down. Did you do like that and just what was your problem that you had to have it stretched? Thinking of you often, although I have not commented lately. Take good care my friend.