Monday, September 17, 2007

My Mailbox for Yard Sale.....

I had a yard sale Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week. This is my sign and my mail box. A lot of people laughed. It looked like a child stuffed in my mail box. I made almost 100.00. That will be nice when we go to Myrtle Beach SC next Thursday. It is the Shriners Convention and my son Gary plays the bagpipes with the Highlanders. Last year it was in Virginia Beach. I'm looking forward to a little R&R! Ryan is going with us. I can't wait!


Marci said...

Clara, that is so cute and a real attention getter!!

I would have loved to come to your garage sale. Even though I don't need anything, I am sure I would have left with something. =) That is why I don't go to garage sales unless I need something.

Ladyfromthewoods said...

That's funny, Clara. How clever!

Cathy said...

What a neat idea Clara - very eye catching

As you say, the cash will come in handy.

Enjoy the break


dot said...

Clara, that is really cute! Glad your yard sale went well and hope you all enjoy the trip!

Moobear said...

Hello my friend Clara!

I am so glad you are getting a vacation and hope you enjoy the beach. I have many fond memories of that particular beach over the years. I am glad you made you some spending money at your yard sale. Sorry I have not commented lately, been terribly busy, but always check your blog for a new post. Have fun, be careful and stay safe.

Lib said...

What a great idea for attention to your sale.:o)
Hope you all have a Wonderful trip.

Rachel said...

Cute Clara!! I'm glad you had a good yard sale. I love to go to those but I always buy things I don't really need it seems, so I'm trying to do better. I planned to have my own yard sale but haven't gotten to it this year. Maybe in the spring? It's a lot of work getting everything out there and ready to sell.

The trip sounds like fun!!!

Grammie said...

How cute!
Glad that your sale was a success...I need to get up in my attic and do the same!

Robin J. said...

Hi Clara!

I would have loved to come to your garage sale or even spent a morning with you waiting for customers.

The mailbox "kid" is so original, I would have stopped just to see what you had!

Mountain Mama said...

Love the mailbox and sign!
You have a son who plays the pipes. How blesed you are!
I love the pipes and so did my grandma. When we took her to a parade, she would follow the pipers up the street so we had to keep an eye on her.

Grammie said...

Are you doing okay? You haven't posted in a while...

Just checking on you!