Thursday, September 06, 2007

In My Back Yard....

Lib over at Libs Private Paradise wanted to know what you see when you walk out into your back yard. Here is one thing I Clematis Virginia. The other things are dried up tomato and cucumber plants....brown grass that crackles under your feet. The leaves are falling and they haven't changed colors. The weatherman just rain in sight.


Rachel said...

IT's beautiful Clara!! My clemantis doesn't do 1/10th of that good!! But it's fairly new though.

Marci said...

Your clematis is beautiful Clara!!!!

Robin J. said...

Oh how gorgeous! Do they smell lovely?

Lib said...

Wow, your clemantis is Beautiful.
Thanks for visiting me ,hope you come back soon.

Cathy said...

Hello Clara

Came to you via Lib's blog and I have enjoyed reading yours.

We share several things even tho wew are a long way apart.

Brown grass (no rain),love of family,love of crafting and a love of cats. Lots of other plants and flowers but no Clematis tho':)


Lib said...

I have something for you, please go to my Blog and pick it up.