Thursday, October 04, 2007


but she didn't tell me they would all come at the same time!!!!! LOL Our trip to the beach was glorious, but when we returned to home, three major things happed here. First, the A/C Compressor went out on my car. I was out in it by myself and had to call Carolyn, my dear friend to come pick me up and bring me home. The next day, my car was towed home. We are not going to have it repaired, because it is getting old and has a lot of miles (like me). We are having our other car fixed. The air suspension things had to be replaced. That was a whopping 600.00 and some dollars. It is still in the garage being worked on.
Next, my septic tank wasn't working right and the water was backing up in my shower in the basement. My son dug down to the tank and removed the lid and the drain going into the tank was full of roots. I knew there was no way we could solve this problem, so I called the septic tank people and they had in opened up in no time. The told me to but Copper Sulfate Crystals and put half a tub in the tank and then flush the rest down the comodes. This is supposed to kill the roots in the tank and the drain. I pray it worked. But you can bet your life, I will use these crystals on a regular basics. That was terrible.!!!!
Next, my computer crashed while we were gone. I just now today got it back up and running. Had to have a new hard drive and Mother board, but the good part, now I have high speed internet. I'm not used to everything going so fast, but it seems good. The bad part is...I lost a lot of my pictures (but most of them were saved) and I hadn't backed up my favorite places. I doubt if I will ever remember all of them!
But life is good, at least, I'm still above ground. LOL Thanks Grammie, for asking about me....I am loving my new cat! I think he loves me too!!!
Hopefully in the next few days everything will be back to normal and I can get back to posting again. That is my wish!


dot said...

Clara, what a horrible time you have had but I'm glad you will hopefully be able to get everything back to normal. Sometimes when it rains it pours! Glad to see you back posting again!

Lib said...

Welcome back!
So sorry to hear of all the bad things that happend!!!Hope the days ahead are much better!!!!!

Marci said...

Glad to have you back. I missed you. Carolyn kept us up to date as to what was going on. I am sure you will love the high speed internet.

Robin J. said...

I missed you! So glad that you've endured through the inconveniences.