Thursday, September 06, 2007


This is Bills side of the family....Not all of them, but a few of them. Of course we missed his Mom. I made a recipe of beef, potatoes , mustard, broth and flour that she always brought to every occasion. Everyone remembered! The reunion was at Bills sisters house in Elizabethton. Thanks Loretta!!!!! It was great!


mrsnesbitt said...

helloooooooooooo from UK! Visited here to tell you how much i enjoyed the poem you posted over at dot's. We have kept geese as pets for many years. We only have the one gander remaining now but Jo is a constant source of inspiration and amusement.

Lib said...

Glad you have a new kitten.
Looks like the Family reunion was fun, so nice of you to cook a dish to keep a memory alive:o)
I Love Elizabethton.My husband use to work up that way I rode with him,every trip we went downtown and across the covered bridge.We have alot of cozy memories from up there.

Jamie Dawn said...

Looks like a great bunch of folks!!
Family reunions are fun!