Friday, January 02, 2009


What is NORMAL?????? The only thing NORMAL around here is a setting on the DRYER. LOL So, it's January 2nd. About a week before Christmas Bill and I had an appointment to have our blood work done. It was SOOOOOcold that morning, I called and canceled. (It gives Bill angina if he gets out in really cold weather) Our appointment for the three months check up was Dec. she told me to have our blood work done that day when we came in at 8:15 AM for our appointments. I said that would be fine. Then, the Dr's office called and rescheduled that appointment for Jan 2nd...(today) at 1:15 PM. That was fine, but what about our blood work? Bill cannot go that long up into the day without eating. I probably could, but I wouldn't like it. Sooooo, I called the Dr's office and asked what to do about the situation. She said to come on in for our check-up and then make another appointment for our blood work for a later date. GEEEEZZZZ. I think I will go start my dryer on the NORMAL setting!!!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha Clara, That is SO typical of doctor's offices.. When I go in for a check-up, I want my blood work to have been done BEFORE. Otherwise, why go? SO--I 'finally' got my doctor to give me the paper work (at the previous appointment) so that I could get the blood work done ahead of time without a specific appointment. She DID--and that is now working for me. BUT--she acted as if she didn't want to do that. DUH!!!

Good Luck... It is cold outside today and 'icy' up your way.

W. Latane Barton said...

I think those appointment desk girls have a short in their wiring. They need a NORMAL setting!! Good luck.

Barbara Blundell said...

Happy New Year Clara !

Leedra said...

Doctor's offices....can't understand them, but can't do without them. That is the problem, they know it. My husband's doctor used to automatically do what Betsy says she does. But he stopped doing it. Go figure!

bennie and patsy said...

That is the way the world truns.just a little off of normal.
Hope your day got better.

Judy said...

Clara, I don't know what is normal either anymore! People who take calls in doctors and dentists offices drive me crazy. I got a check from my dentist for $30 refund on the gas I could not take in her office. It cost me $65???
I finished my antibiotics today and am scared to death the tooth will flare up again once they get out of my system. I am feeling better right now. Just hope I continue to do so.

Patricia said...

lol... Clara. It's not funny, but it's funny. ;) I love your new header!! Wonderful picture and the music is beautiful.

Grammy said...

Hey, Clara,
You did what I did the other day. I called kast week and cancelled our dr's appointment for yesterday. I told them we were doing just fine right now, and would call later for an appt. in the Spring. We usually go the day before the appt. and get blood work done. It is a hassle to get Dub up and out at 8 o'clock. Anything I can put off, I will. I'm wit' you, kid!