Monday, September 01, 2008


Our Aunt Virgie Was "Queen For A Day" She will be 91 years young on Oct. 19th.This is Susie and Selmar Humphrey...cousins of Bill...they left their camp site in Saltville to come be with us. Love You Both for this!
I want to show you Loretta's Root Cellar. It is just off the patio at the back of their house. I love it!
Here's Helen from Ashville, she is Bill's sister.....Jean from Baltimore, MD....she is Bill's Aunt by marriage....and Virgie...our Queen.
This is my son Gary, playing the bagpipes. Everyone seemed to enjoy the entertainment. The sound was perfect on a perfect day!


Beth said...

Your Aunt Virgie is a lovely lady--she makes a beautiful queen!
Oh, I love Loretta's Root Cellar, too! It looks like an enchanted little hobbit or elf house. My grandma had a root cellar, but hers was kind of dark, wet, and crawling with spiders. I used to hate it when she'd send me down to get something out of it!

bennie and patsy said...

That is so neat your son can play the Bagpipe. Are you Scottish ?

Rachel said...

Great pictures!! I love that root cellar too!