Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I was tagged by:
Grammyof13 who was tagged by Judy to answer 6 questions. So here goes.
1..Where was I ten years ago? Ten years ago I had been retired three years. We were in New Orleans in the airport waiting to get on a plane for Central America. We were going with my daughter and her family. My husband had a heart attack in the airport. Needless to say we didn't go to Central America. Everyone else went and left me in Lake Charles, LA. at the hospital for nine days. I will never forget . He finally was well enough to bring back to our hospital in Bristol and he then had his second triple by-pass heart surgery. That's where I was ten years ago.
2..What's on my 'to do' list for today? Well, today is about over, so I will tell you what I have done. I mowed the yard. I changed the beds, washed the sheets and hung them on the line to dry. I made two loaves of Sourdough bread. I took one loaf to my sweet neighbor. She is very ill and probably won't last through the night. She is 96 years old. It won't be the same around here when she is gone.
3..What if I was a billionaire? I would give each of my children one million, pay off all of their debts. I would set up a trust fund for my grandchildren. I would pay what I owe and have the transmission fixed in my car. (Or maybe I would buy a MINI COOPER) I would help those in need, and I would build a bridge of love between my heart and yours. I would give to my church. That's what I would do with a billion dollars.
4..Places I have lived? I have always lived in Tennessee. Several places, but always in North East Tennessee. We call it God's Country!
5..Bad Habits? Oh, do I have to put them on the internet? LOL I'm sure I have plenty...Just ask my husband! He says I have a bad habit of staying up late. He says I have enough yarn to last a life time, but I still buy more if I see a new color. I can't sit down and just sit there. I either have to be reading, crocheting or knitting. I don't know if that is a habit or not, but it's just the way I am. Now can I tell you about HIS bad habits? LOL
6..Snacks I like? Just show me anything that's bad for you, and I like it. Chocolate, chips, cokes, Little Debbie Cakes. I am a diabetic, so I don't eat many of these, but that is what I like. I try to stick with nuts, cheese and I love popcorn!
Now I am supposed to tag three others's my pick!

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bennie and patsy said...

I will have to think about these questions a little.It is something the way God gets us through all of the details of life. Thank you for being there with your blog.

Margie's Musings said...

He He. You had been tagged by me too, Clara. TN said...

Whole lot of taggin' going on! LOL

bobbie said...

Hi Clara. I don't usually do these things, but it sounds sort of like fun. OK. But there's Sky Watch, and then Camera Critters. Then I'll do it. Yours were interesting. #6 is sort of universal, isn't it? We all love those snacks! Thanks for thinking of me.

I envy you your knitting. I can't do it any more with these arthritic fingers of mine.

Judy said...

Hi Clara, No wonder you remember 10 years ago so well. What a year you had. It was nice to find out a little more about you. You must be a whirlwind you do so much in a day! How did the sourdough bread turn out? I saw where you made it. I just fed my starter a few minutes ago.

Beth said...

Hi there, Clara--I really enjoyed learning a little bit more about your life. But I'm so sorry you had such a tough time of it ten years ago. Sometimes life is so unfair.
And about that "bridge of love" you'd build to our hearts if you had a billion dollars? I think you've already built it--with your blog. :-)

Beverly said...

Hi, Clara, I'm here catching up on all your news. That must have been a bit traumatic for your husband to have a heart attack at the airport...better than Central America, though, I guess.

You work circles around me! My, all the things you did in one day!