Friday, September 26, 2008

Walmart...and what happened

I made a trip to Walmart today. After going through the check out with all of my groceries, I stopped at McDonalds (inside Walmart) to get a milk shake for Bill. I parked my buggy just outside McDonalds' door
...the way I have done so many times before. I ordered the milk shake, paid and came back out and my buggy was gone. There was one sitting there, but it wasn't mine. I looked out through the front doors of Walmart and I could see several people walking toward their cars with their carts. I started running to catch up with a few of them and everyone said they had the right one. I knew at this point I would never see mine again. As I was going back into Walmart, a man was also going back in with my cart. He had accidentally pushed mine out instead of his. He apologized and I laughed and told him I was almost certain that someone had stolen my groceries. That could happen very easily. After being bagged....anyone could push them out and the greeters would never know the difference. That taught me two lessons. Keep your eyes on your buggy and stay in good running condition!!!!


Judy said...

Gosh Clara, you were lucky! I can see how that could happen so easily. I am so glad you got your groceries back o.k. Have a good weekend.

Margie's Musings said...

Me too! That could have been a catastrophe

bennie and patsy said...

I am so happy you got your groceries back. I know you thanked the Lord for the nice man.

Rachel said...

What a close call!! Our Walmart doesn't have a McDonald's. It does have a Blimpie restaurant place and a pretzel place. I have never been in the Bllimpie part but if I get a pretzel then my buggy stays with me!

June Saville said...

Hi Clara
In Oz we call the carts you carry your groceries in 'trolleys'. When you said you had lost your 'buggy' I thought you needed one of those motorised wheel chairs - we call those 'buggies'.
By the time I got to the end of your post - and especially looked at your list of 100 things about you, I realised that you did NOT need a buggy!
So pleased.
So much for the English language!

Needleworker said...

Glad you got your groceries back, I can see this happening with the way the economy is right now, sure something to think about.

The same thing happened to my Grandmother and me several years ago, but we hadn't paid for the groceries yet. We stopped to have lunch at the lunch counter and parked our grocery cart behind us after we finished our lunch we turned to get the cart and pay, but the cart was missing. We got to shop twice that day and had a good laugh too.

Beverly said...

Oh my, that happened to me once in Publix when my children were little. I had a lot of baby stuff. I paid for them and then remembered I needed something. I left my cart near the front, and when I came back, it was gone. I just about died, but it was a situation similar to yours. All turned out well, thankfully. And I'm glad your instance did too.

Marci said...

I am so glad you got your groceries back.

Beth said...

Oh, Clara, thank the Lord you got your buggy back! I know that man must have been embarrassed. I've had people walk off with my cart before, but never after I'd already paid for it!

grammyof13 said...

Clara, I'm glad you are still around. My thoughts always go to being mugged after I leave the store!! As I don't buy groceries there, and little else I can only say I'm sure you were glad it was only a scare.


The Piece Maker said...

What we wouldn't do for our guys, big or small...all this for a milkshake, must have been a good shake with this story attached to it...Bill did get his milkshake right??? never said...haha
I found your pictures, Clara you sure do have a nice family and your Noah's ark afghan is awesome. (I did have a peek at all of them)I hope you find time to do some more painting, you have lovely detail and shading...I love to paint houses too.

Grammy said...

Dear Clara,
your story reminds me of a couple of times that were fortunate for me, and I will tell about them in my blog soon. I am so glad the person who accidentally took your buggy brought it back to you! Probably your purse was in your hands at the time. I think that you are probably very trusting as I am! We were brought up to believe that everyone is as honest as we are. Thanks too for your faithful reading of my blog and your sweet, caring comments.
Ruby (aka Grammy)

Barbara Blundell said...

Hi there Clara, another trolly story. I was in the store and left mine for a second to get something from a kiosk .I turned round picked up my trolly, continued shopping and proceeded to the checkout. Horror of horrors-half the stuff wasn't mine !There were tins and tins of peas and I never buy tinned peas !Yes, I was the culprit this time . I'd picked up someone elses trolly . What a commotion and embarrassment. Bells ringing,supervisors dashing about. I couldn't leave that store quick enough

Elaine said...

Came to your site from Barbara Blundell. I'll be back.

I have a habit of hanging my handbag with purse from the bit under the trolley handle, so I keep a very careful eye on it (usually)

Cathy said...

Hello Clara, thanks for dropping in recently. It was lovely to see you.

Trolley theft at Christmas time can be a major problem here in big shopping centres where there are supermarkets as well as other shops and stores. Who wouldn't like a free load of food, festive food at that.

Because its often really hot outside and the centres are airconditioned instead of taking the groceries to the car people become engrossed looking in windows and let go of the handle and have a fright when they turn around and its not there.

The 'thieves' are gone in flash, at that time of the year the centres are crowded and if you do think its your trolley its hard to prove unless you have the till roll.

Hold on tight and take care:)

Ladyfromthewoods said...

I'm so glad to hear your story had a happy ending. Another thing to watch for is leaving your purse in the cart while you unload your groceries. Last Christmas, we witnessed a theft. The thief snatched a purse while the woman's back was turned to put her groceries in her car. He slipped into the next aisle to a car waiting to pick him up. They were halfway out of the parking lot before she even realized what had happened. We only noticed the car as it speed away, getting our attention. Now, I'm always more aware when I sit my purse in the child's seat of the cart, to keep it closed while in the store and put it in the car first!