Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yep....That's Me!!!!

My biopsy came back malignant. This past Monday on the seventh of April, I had a partial mastectomy. Now I am waiting for the results from the pathology to see if they "got it all". Then it will be radiation for five weeks...five days a week. I am not worried....what ever will be will be. I have turned it all over to a higher power. This week the Doctor told me not to do anything, so I am taking it as easy as I can. My sister-in-law came this morning and brought breakfast and a pizza casserole for the rest of the day. Gary can cook if he has to, and he is running my errands and such. Bill is doing a little better with home health coming five days a week. I have a feeling it won't be long until I am out there mowing my grass and cleaning out my gutters. I will survive!!!!


Cathy said...

'I will survive'

Too right you will Clara !!!

Take care


Robin J. said...

Dear Clara,

Just checked in and saw your news. I'm so sorry that I don't live closer to help you out. I'd love to visit you and even mow your lawn!

I do pray that they "got it all" and that you'll remain healthy and strong throughout the treatments.

Robin in CA