Friday, October 05, 2007


This is the Highlander Band where my son Gary plays the bagpipes. He is the third one from the left. This was the Shriners Convention and it was wonderful. That was the best and the LONGEST parade I had ever seen! Ryan and I had a blast!!!!
Here is front of the place where we ate. It was called "Crabby Mikes", and it sure was good!
And our Motel.....The Sand Castle. We stayed on the ninth floor. Bill is sitting on the balcony. You cannot see him, but he waved at me just as I made the picture.
P.S. I am so happy, I can finally post more than ONE picture at a time. It was my dial-up connection. The DSL is great!


Marci said...

Looks like you had a great time. That Ryan is really growing up. I am sure he enjoyed himself!!

dot said...

LOoks like fun! Hope you enjoy your DSL. I'm stuck with dialup but it really isn't so bad.

Cathy said...

Welcome home Clara

Being away - anywhere - is good don't you agree?