Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm Back From The Beach.....

I'm home from Virginia Beach. We had a marvelous time. The weather was perfect. (7o to 75 degrees) I saw on the news about all the rain Tn and KY were getting and it didn't rain one drop on us. The parade was wonderful, but anyone that has ever had anything to do with Shriners know how they go the limit on everything! The parade lasted almost three hours. It was like Macy's Day parade in New York City. We had a good view from our second floor balcony. The sand castle on the beach is what fascinated me more than anything I saw. It was huge. Everything was so detailed. The faces looked real. I have been trying to post pictures and Blogger won't let me. I will try again later.


dot said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip. That sand castle is really neat! Did they build it for some special ocassion?

Moobear said...

welcome home clara, so glad you enjoyed the trip. I loved the sandcastle pictures. Today is doc day, cross your phingers hon.
I do enjoy your blog!

God Bless!