Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy, busy, busy.....yard work and more....

Well, here I am and it's NOT Memory Monday....   I have worked in my yard every day this far.  I wish I had made pictures before and after.   For three past years I wasn't able to do much work work outside because of my husband being sick.  He wanted me in "hollering" distance at all times.   Now, it's catching up time.  I have burned brush, cleaned out a fence row and trimmed the lilac bush,  cut down "suckers" around an apple tree stump,  (they were taller than me.)   Now the MORE part.  The line  going from the house to the septic tank is being  replaced.  I have had trouble with it for the last several years.  Every so often, the septic people would have to come and dig down to the tank and open up the drain pipe.  (UCKKK) As of late they were haveing to come every few weeks, so I know it was time to do something else.  They came yesterday and started.   Would you believe my septic tank is under concrete?  Why would anybody concrete over the tank?  The concrete has to be cut out with a saw....what a mess.  But I will be so glad to get that done.   The workers had to leave yesterday.....said there was an emergency.  So, I am here waiting on their return.   Guess I will go back to the yard work and pray for their return!  :-)

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