Thursday, June 10, 2010


Beth and Beverly guessed correctly....Judy,  You weren't  very far off location.   Here's two more pictures.   I'm sure she has lots more for me to see.    The first one is the name of their Hotel.
  Lucas and his "famous" wallet.  Ryan bought one first and when they got back to the hotel, Lucas decided he wanted one.  They couldn't find the store where it was purchased.....and walked all over Rome one day and finally found the place.   That's the reason Lucas looks so happy!                                                                                    


Lynda said...

Looks like an exciting trip ... and a great wallet, too - so glad they found their way back to the shop ! Hope that you are keeping well :)

Mountain Mama said...

What a cute picture! I remember how important little things like a wallet were to my own boys. Lucas looks like he is a very happy boy.

Anonymous said...

Rome! How wonderful! Can't wait to see more photos.