Thursday, June 17, 2010


She has found another animal to bring home....  She found this baby deer in the middle of the road going to her house.  It is blind.  Her dog Bella has taken over looking after it.   Bella walks along beside.... wherever it goes and licks it like it is her baby.  Isn't that amazing?     I love this picture.


thesouthernlady64 said...

That is the cutest little deer. I am glad Lisa is home and they had a great vacation. I bet you will love your new flip flops.

Beverly said...


Cathy said...

Hello Clara
The little one is lucky to find a gentle home like Lisa's. Will she continue to care for it or turn it over to a wildlife refuge for specialist care?
Loved the holiday clues - intended to give you my answer (Italy) but couldn't get on line to do so. Looks like they had a great trip tho.
BTW Cathys Capers has changed its name (Still Waters) and also is at a new address
This link will take you thereStill Waters Pop in some time I'd love to see you.
Take care

Lola said...

I sure hope the little deer will be ok. Some special care will have to be given. TN said...

She will take it to her vet and let her decide on what to do with it.