Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I used to be green
But now I am brown.
Why do I keep falling
All the way to the ground?
I was happy up in this tree...
Please try to explain
What's happening to me!
My friends are all gone...
I see them below.
It won't be long
'Till they're covered with snow.
I wish it were Spring
It won't be long
'Till Ole Man Winter
Has come and gone.
Then I'll be back with all my friends...
But somehow this falling just never ends!

  I wrote this poem for Ryan when he was two!  I was sitting in the yard and it was raining leaves on my head.   That was in 1998.


Judy said...

Hi Clara, Great poem and my leaves are falling so fast. I have mowed my yard today for probably the last time, put all the pots away, and raked leaves. I sure do hate to see winter but know it is just around the corner!

Lola said...

Great poem Clara. You should consider writing poems for children.
Still warm here. Mid to upper 80's--80% chance of rain tomorrow. Wouldn't you know it when I have to have a physical.
Got some more plants potted up that I had ordered. I hope they make it.

Mountain Mama said...

Beautiful pictures Clara. I love how the spots of light play with the leave on the grass. And your orange leaf looks like a few I've recently seen around here. Fall colors are so beautiful and vivid. It seems like the Lord is giving us one more blast of color before winter white sets in.
I enjoyed your poem too. Ryan must feel pretty proud to have a poem written especially for him.

grammyof13 said...

Now how cute is that! I'm starting my 7 & 8th grade class of home schoolers on poetry next week. I will sure read them this for an example. Great work.
PS our leaves have not starting falling very much. Too much rain maybe?

Lynda said...

What a delightful poem - you are very talented !

JeanMac said...

That's a terrific poem, Clara.

Patricia said...

What a lovley poem. You are so talented. Sage asked me today how you were doing. ;)

Clara....in TN said...

Patricia, bless her heart. I saw the snow picture. Tell her I'm making frog hats for my daughters twenty three students.... for Christmas.

Beth said...

What a wonderful poem, Clara! You are a woman of many talents. I love the picture of the leaves on the sun-dappled ground.

Rachel said...

Great poem Clara! The leaves are falling some here, but not a lot yet. I hate raking leaves. Ugh!

Grammy said...

Hi Clara,
Love the poem, and I, too, love to watch the falling leaves, but we do no raking of leaves here. They lie where they fall, and more power to them. I do well to keep the inside of our home livable. Ha. I kind of dread cold weather, but "Oh, wind, if Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" (Shelley, I think)

Leedra said...

Nice fall post. Also like the froggy hat.