Friday, September 11, 2009

Fish and Their Pond......

I'm practicing uploading pictures because I upgraded my post editor.   Before I could post only five pictures in one post and I sometimes I needed to post more.   This is my fish pond that I cleaned out this morning.   Remember the Koi Lisa bought me for my birthday?   They are growing.
O.K.  Lets see if I have this right!

It will take a while to get used to this.   Bear with me!  Please!


Beth said...

I love your fish pond, Clara. I'm so glad to see your Koi are doing so well.

I really enjoyed those pictures of your family reunion---that spread of food looked amazing. And I am in love with their root cellar! It looks like something out of a magazine.

Grammy said...

Dear Clara,
REally beautiful fish pond, and the Koi have really grown! The family pictures were great. ARe the other two ladies your sisters?
ARe you the one on the left?
Ruby TN said...

Hi Ruby, I am the one on the left. The other two are Bill's sisters. (My sisters-in-law) We look like sisters, don't we?