Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Outing Today!

Bill wanted to go for a drive today and this is what we saw. I drove across Holston Mountain and into Damacus VA. Below is Backbone Rock. You can walk all the way across the top. I don't know how long it is, but it takes a while to get across. There is a picnic area there and just a beautiful place.A little church in Shady Valley, TN
South Holston Lake. It is the fullest it has been in several years.

And a Pumpkin Patch.

I could stand here and gaze on God's handiwork forever! If this doesn't make you feel good, nothing will!


Judy said...

Great photos Clara. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I love the mountain and the streams.

Lola said...

It looks ever so peaceful.
Love the "punk in patch".

W. Latane Barton said...

Love the photos, Clara. You had a great trip and I know you enjoyed that walk across the rock bridge. I don't know where Damascus, Va. is but it may be worth looking into.

Cheryl said...


Love your peaceful..the lake pictures and the pumpkin of those things that just says "fall"! Love the hanging petunia basket too!
Fall is definitely in the air here in Canada. Just this past week...much cooler. I enjoy fall but we didnt have much summer weather this year so kind of hate to see summer go. Enjoy your blog very much.


Marci said...

I love the mountains too, Clara. Thanks for the great pictures!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I could gaze at God's handiwork for hours too!! What great photos!!!
It sounds like you enjoyed a lovely trip.


I hope all is going well with you lately.
God bless you, dear blog buddy.

JeanMac said...

Looks like great country - nice pictures, Clara.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Clare, I have been to Backbone Rock before. Isn't that neat??? Did you go to the waterfall there? We went to see the waterfall but loved the tiny tunnel also...

Think I'll blog about that ---so check my blog tomorrow.

Nina P. said...

I just came over from visiting Betsy... Wow! Such a wonderful outing! You truly are in God's country. Makes me want to play hooky from work and go for a drive myself! Love and Light, Nina P.

Beth said...

What a wonderful roadtrip, Clara! Your pictures are lovely. I am so taken with this Backbone Rock tunnel that I think we're going to have to take a little roadtrip of our own up there someday. And South Holston Lake is so pretty. You live in a gorgeous area!

SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful photos, it looks like a great trip. I came over from Betsy's for a visit.

The Piece Maker said...

Hello Clara
It was so nice to hear from you again. I am fine, just a busy Mom I guess......thank you for asking.
Love your photos....the last one would realy make a nice painting...don't you think?
Beautiful!!! Talk soon

Rachel said...

It's all beautiful Clara!!! My brother lived in Damascus for a time back in the 70's. He had a job there at the time (construction).

What a delightful trip you had!