Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just Some Photos....

Tennessee Birdwalk!!!! Lisa's Macaw!
Lucas sleeping at my house! Sweet!

Lisa, Ryan and Lucas standing on Promiseland Road ...(where they live)

And "The Granny" with them.

Lisa's friend Kathy has a sleigh on her front porch. Isn't that neat?


Beth said...

That macaw is really beautiful...and BIG, Clara!

Great photos of your grandsons and you and Lisa. Lucas looks so sweet and young and innocent in the one of him sleeping. And I really love that big front porch---lucky Kathy.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What caught my eye, Clara, was that Tennessee Vol CHAIR... They sell those at Cracker Barrel.. I try to sit in one every time I go there. HA!!!

Great family. You look like a proud Granny.

Have a fabulous day.

bennie and patsy said...

Proud Grandmother there ,Clara!
Happy for you.
Patsy TN said...

Beth...That front porch goes all the way around her house. They even have a wood burning old cook stove out there with a chimmney...they really cook on it ocassionally. Sometime I will post a picture of it and some of the other antiques she has. part of it is screened in. It is so pretty.

Judy said...

I love all the photos Clara, but the one of you with the boys is my favorite. What a bird!

Leedra said...

I believe the boys have out grown Granny!

Grammy said...

Hye, Clara,
A sleigh on the porch! HOw cool is that! Handsome grandson, beautiful granddaughter.

Grammy said...

OOPS! two grandsons! Sorry. Both handsome.

JeanMac said...

I love how your "kids" are now taller than you!

Rachel said...

All great photos Clara! That Macaw is so big and beautiful!!

The grandkids are growing up!!

Love that front porch with the sleigh!! I love porches and you say this one goes all around! Wow! Now that's MY kind of porch!!

Mountain Mama said...

What a pretty bird! I am always amazed at how colorful they can be.

O love pictures of the kids sleeping. They look so angelic.

It must be fun for her to decorate that big sleigh on holidays.

Jamie Dawn said...

You are such a doll, and I can tell that your grandkids adore you!!!!
I enjoyed all the photos.


Have a good weekend, Clara.

Ladyfromthewoods said...

The boys have gotten so big, the youngest has really shot up this year! You look so proud (and well you should be!)

It's so good to see you and Lisa with such a good relationship. You and her are very beautiful ladies.

I'm going to STEAL some ideas from Lisa's friend's porch! I just saw (while in Mennonite area) this morning, someone else had hung their chairs like that on the porch - in Shaker style. I thought "how clever!" I have two that Hubby bought at auction plus one without a bottom and now it can be a planter! And the catty-cornered swing, why didn't I think of that?

I hope your weather isn't as balmy as ours right now. Stay cool!