Monday, June 08, 2009

Debbie Macomber.....

Lisa and I went to a book signing/ champagne brunch with Debbie Macomber in Knoxville. She is one of my favorite authors. I have almost all of her books and HAVE read ALL of them. The first pair of socks I knitted was out of one of her books called A Good Yarn. Lisa bought the tickets for my Mother's day present. Debbie told some funny things that her fans had written to her in e-mails. She said a man in prison sent an e-mail and said, "Will you be my woman.? I don't care that you are fat." Another one, Will you hurry and publish the last book in the Cedar Cove series, I'm 85 years old." And ...."I like your books so much, I don't even care to pay for them." She said someone ask her why her books wasn't all lovey-dovey, and she said she didn't know what that was...that she was married. She told the story about how uneducated she was and how she became a writer. She has sold one and a half million copies in seventeen different languages. I like her! The top picture is when we were leaving to see her and the second picture is Debbie Macomber and me.


Anonymous said...

How exciting..... I know you had a wonderful time. I love her books too and I have 3 of the knitting pattern books. plus a lot of her books . carolyn

bennie and patsy said...

I couldn't see the name of the book you had in your hand, but guess it is her new one I saw in the book news. I like her books to.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Clara, you look SO great.. Glad you got to go to a book-signing and got to meet one of your favorite writers. NEAT.


Cathy said...

Hello Clara
Lucky you to meet someone like that in real life...........Now when you read those books they will seem extra special:)
BTW You're loooking good - like that suit you were wearing
Take care

Judy said...

Sounds like a very interesting person. I am sure it was a great time for you both. I just think you look wonderful in those pictures! You are so pretty, Clara, and so is your daughter.

lola said...

It's great that you got to see your favorite writer. I wish I looked as good as you do. Go girl.

readerwave said...

Love your site... And very nice picture of you and Debbie.. I also got to see her but in Talhassee...
come see my blog some time
Dona Lake City, Fl

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh how fun! What a terrific present from Lisa!
Great photos!


Grammy said...

Dear Clara,
What a thrill to meet Debbie Macomber! She has long been one of my favorites! Her comments she made in the book signing were so Debbie.
You look really great too! I had to look twice to see which was you and which was Debbie. You look like a million dollars!

Beth said...

Clara, I agree with the other commenters----you look fabulous in these pictures. And your daughter looks great, too.

How wonderful to get to meet a favorite author! I've never met any of mine because I'm too shy, but I've been thinking about writing a fan letter! That was such a thoughtful gift from your daughter.

Grammie said...

Clara...what a stunning picture of you at the book signing!

You go girl!

: )