Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Blue/Gold Macaw......Cont'

Ryan with Maui

Lisa's friend Elsie, gave her this Macaw! It's name is Maui. Do you know how expensive these things are? Lisa has always wanted one. That's all she would talk about every time she made a trip to Central America. You know they are plentiful there and fly around in the wild and in the not so wild. And the cage that came with it is over five foot tall and georgous.. She can say two words...hello and bye. Gary said he was going to teach her to say, "She's A Goner. Bye." Everytime someone passes on she can sit on her perch and say, "She's a goner, Bye." Gary thought that was funny...I didn't!


Leedra said...

He is young is why he thinks it is funny. Very colorful bird.

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bennie and patsy said...

Well you know boys,God love them. It will poop on him. That is some colorful big bird.

Marci said...

Wow, what a beautiful bird!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

What a beautiful bird Maui is!!!!!
Probably quite noisy too.

"Maui want a cracker!"