Saturday, April 04, 2009


Let me tell you about our day. Gary played his bagpipes for the music classes at Carter Elementary in Knoxville where Lisa teaches. I went with him. We left home at 6:00AM. He had to be there at 9:oo to start playing. He did six sessions which took the whole school day. He was exhausted when it was over, but enjoyed every minute, and I loved being there watching. He also answered questions from the children about where the bagpipes originated from and all about his kilt and the rest of his wares. Always one in every group that want to know why he had on a "skirt." A little girl did an Irish Dance to one of the songs. It was so sweet. Here are a few pictures:


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I wish you had put it on a video . and I wish he would make a gospel cd. i am glad you all had a good day and got to visit with "the boys" Carolyn


What a refreshing blog, I used to live in N. Ireland and often saw irish dancers, The person who played the bagpipes played excellently and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Pleased you had a lovely day.


Jamie Dawn said...

I scrolled on down and saw the other pics.
How neat for Gary and for all the kids!
What a fun time! I'm sure the kids were very interested to learn more about bagpipes as well as why he was wearing a "skirt." Kilts are becoming more popular, and I saw a man wearing one just recently.
What a talented man he is, and I'm so glad he was willing to share what he knows with the school children.

JeanMac said...


Mountain Mama said...

Oh my gosh!! Every time I hear the pipes I get goose bumps on my goose bumps!!!
Must be my Irish/Scottish DNA!

I wish my school would have had such a thrilling performance when I was a girl.

I can just imagine the little girl dancing. How sweet.

Hope you have a blessed Resurrection Day celebration Clara.