Monday, March 23, 2009

Pictures from El Salvador.....

The wooden box on the back of this truck is for carrying a casket. It has tassles all inside. After a funeral they ride the casket on the streets. Instead of you going to the funeral home, they bring it to you.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Interesting how they do funerals, isn't it???? When I lived in New Orleans, I love the way the blacks there had their funerals. They made a celebration of it--by marching up and down the streets playing Jazz.

Beautiful orchid.

Judy said...

I kind of like the idea of them bringing it to you. That fruit looks so good and the orchid is beautiful. El Salvador is a very pretty place.

Grammy said...

Beautiful pictures, and very interesting customs. I find interesting also the casket container. Love it, keep the pictures coming.

heatherdmc said...

I love all your past post pictures. Especially the food!

grammyof13 said...

I've had to get caught up on my blog reading, so just now got to yours. I was in El Salvador in the 80's for a few days. It is beautiful country and I have a story that will always, ALWAYS remind me of my trip there. I'll have to share it with you sometimes.

Love the pictures - and the fruit - well I could use some right about now!

Jamie Dawn said...

I enjoyed the pics from El Salvador. I love that one of the little toddler Luis Diego. How adorable.
And all the food pics look YUMMY!!!

Rachel said...

Great pictures Clara! That orchid is lovely!

Beth said...

I've really enjoyed your pictures from El Salvador, Clara. I love seeing pictures of everyday life from other countries because it's always so interesting to see all the things we have in common, as well as the customs that are very different. How wonderful that they bring the body back home---that seems appropriate somehow. And that orchid is absolutely beautiful!