Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Since this is the time for goblins and bats...

Halloween spirits and ghosts and cats.

Weird happenings and witches brew...

These are the things I wish for you.

May the only ghost that comes to stay,

Be the Holy Ghost to guide your way.

May the only spirits you chance to meet...

Be the spirit of love and warm friends sweet.

May the tricks that you are asked to do,

Be the tricks of making a friend or two.

And of helping another along the way,

To add happiness into their day.

These are Halloween wishes just for you,

And may God bless you in all you do!!


bennie and patsy said...

Yes Clara, the Holy Ghost is the only one I wish to experience. Good wishes to you and yours.

bobbie said...

What a nice post! Thank you. And best wishes to you.

Beth said...

What a great poem, Clara! I love it! Thank you. And may God bless you and your family, too.

Judy said...

Happy Halloween to you Clara. I love the poem. God bless you and yours.

grammyof13 said...

What a nice post. I don't know where you girls find your material, but I love it.

Yes, May the Holy Ghost be the only ghost in our house.

I love it.

Have a great week-end.

Mountain Mama said...

I love your post. I welcome the Holy Ghost any time any day.
God Bless

Rachel said...

Happy Halloween Clara!!

I loved the pictures of the wood cutting and the puppies!!

Retta said...

I love the poem Clara. Happy Haloween to you all. Trick or Treat!

bennie and patsy said...

You have an award from me.

Dorothy said...

Hi Clara,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for actually taking time to look at ALL our pictures! You sound like my kind of lady. I'll be back to visit you.