Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Leaves.....

I wrote this poem for my grandson Ryan when he was around two years old. Now he is twenty one!
I used to be green,
But now I am brown....
Why do I keep falling
All the way to the ground?
I was happy up in this tree.
Please try to explain...
What's happening to me?
My friends are all gone,
I see them below.
It won't be long
'Till they're covered with snow.
I wish it were Spring...
It won't be long;
'Till Ole Man Winter
Has come and gone.
Then I'll be back
With all my friends....
But somehow this falling
Just NEVER ends!


bennie and patsy said...

That is so sweet Clara.

Marci said...

That is great. Does he remember it?

bobbie said...

Clara, I love that poem. I hope he was delighted with it, and that he does still remember.

Cathy said...

Hello Clara
Love it! Did it take you long to write?
Hope you are keeping well
Take care
Cathy TN said...

Patsy, I thank you!
Marci, he doesn't remember when I wrote it, but now he knows that I did write it for him....and he loves it!
Cathy, I wrote it in about five minutes whilst sitting underneath a tree with the leaves peppering down on me!

Frank Baker said...

What a nice poem. You are a very talented lady.
I'm homesick for the fall colors of your part of the world. Few trees in my area, just lots of flat and very rich delta land.

Beth said...

I love that poem, Clara! Your grandson is so lucky to have a grandma who would write a poem just for him. That is such a special gift!

Judy said...

Clara, You are such a poet. I love that! I can't wait until TW gets old enough to understand poetry and such. I know you are a wonderful grandmother.

Ladyfromthewoods said...

Bravo, Clara! That is a very nice poem! You have more talent in your little toe than I do in my entire body...LOL!
xo teresa

Grammy said...

Hi, Clara,
Lovely poem...says it all! I love autumn and the bright colors. I am sure that ryan feels very fortunate to have such a loving grandma who would write poetry just for him.
Ruby (aka Grammy)

The Piece Maker said...

I wish I had your washboard too...I am sure you will think of something to paint. I can see how that can happen....I have been trying to teach myself to knit socks for days..haha

Rachel said...

That's a wonderful poem Clara! He is all grown up now!

Jamie Dawn said...

Cute poem!
Yep... the falling has begun.
Our trees are beginning their color changes, and soon leaves will be all over the ground and up onto my porch. It's a losing battle keeping the porch clear of leaves during the fall, so I don't sweat over it.
I hope you are enjoying the autumn weather, because soon it will be cold, cold, cold.