Thursday, June 26, 2008


I just finished reading Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber. I thought to myself....I'm going to write down 10 things I would like to see happen. Really think about it. You don't have to post all of them at one time. Everytime you think of it. It took me three days to write mine. Here they are:
1..Sing Again

2..Go to New York City with Ryan and Lucas and see a broadway show.

3..Lose 50 lbs.

4..Play a guitar

5..Get a different that doesn't use so much gas.

6..Keep finding reasons to laugh.

7..Be an inspiration in someone's life.

8..Give to someone who has less than me.

9..Volunteer at the hospital.

10..Dance in the rain in my bare feet.

Alright....who is going to be next?????


Judy said...

1. Win the Lottery
2. Lose 20 lbs.
3. Write a book and have it published.
4. Live on a beach.
5. Visit New Orleans again.
6. Be a better person
7. Spend more time with my children.
That's a few. I will keep thinking about it! I love that song "Imagine" on your playlist.

Jamie Dawn said...

I read part of your list earlier and had to get off the computer. It was nice to read the rest.

1. Sing again - I have a voice disorder and would love for it to be resolved someday.

2. Be able to write a check and pay off my daughter college tuition in one big chunk.

3. Lose 25 pounds.

4. Landscape our yards and have a lovely garden

5. Cook like my aunts who are FABulous cooks
(If I could do this, I would end up needing to lose 50 pounds instead of 25.)


6. Travel the world with my family.

7. Choose the next president of the USA

8. Speak Spanish fluently

9. Give lots of money away to people

10. Get rid of cellulite

bennie and patsy said...

I just read the book too!
Fun to think about.

Grammy said...

Dear Clara,
What fun! Thank you for your lovely comments to my blog; it is wonderful to be meeting new friends! I am reading your blog, along with Judy's, with great interest.
Some of my wishes:
1. Lose some weight
2. Better health for my husband
3. I have visions also of becoming an author.
4. Be able to visit my younger daughter
5. Be able to travel more
6. Have a well back that does not hurt.
I really like the music on your playlist. Don't you just love David Archeleta? Are you an American Idol watcher?
I will be back reading your and Judy's blogs.