Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crocheted Square for the Month Of June.....

This square goes out this month for my crochet partner exchange. The recipient is Sheri in CA. I thought I would start early and spread a little patriotism.


Rachel said...

This is beautiful Clara!!

Thanks for your comment about the delivery guys!! I'm still laughing!!

Cathy said...

Hello Clara

I had learning to crochet as my thing to do this year, now the year is almost half over and I'm no closer to it than I was in January:(
Better get a move on hadn't I.

Take care

Marci said...

Very pretty and Very patriotic.

Judy said...

That is so pretty and patriotic. I never learned to crochet or knit.
Don't know if I could sit still long enough to do it but love to see the things other people create.

Ladyfromthewoods said...

Very nice, Clara. Where do you find your patterns or do you make them up yourself?

Mountain Mama said...

That is a realy pretty piece of crochet.
I have a huge containr of yarn but haven't been in a crocheting mood for a while. Too much yard work this time of year, and a lot of weddings showers and birthdays going on.
When winter comes that's usually when I want to get my crafts out again.