Thursday, August 23, 2007

Todays Pickings.....

Actually it was yesterday...... I made tomato sauce, and another gallon of shake pickles. Can't you tell I am feeling better? I'm feeling good enough to go to the county fair tonight. The heat is going to be the part I dread. The heat index was 106 here in E. Tennessee yesterday. WOW!!!!


dot said...

Your vegetables look good! Seems it was no time and our cucumbers started getting bitter tasting. I wonder what caused it. I believe I'd have to pass on the fair as hot as it is! So glad you are feeling better.

Lib said...

So glad your feeling better.
Your veggies looks good and they will taste good this winter.
Have fun at the fair.
THis heat is terrible.Its 105 on our porch in the shade.
Have fun and don't get overheated.

Jamie Dawn said...

Those veggies look YUM YUM YUMMY!

Enjoy the fair. It has been hot here too, so I know what you mean. Drink lots of water or lemonade or iced tea while you're out and about.
It is good to read that you are feeling well.

Marci said...

Looks good. Have fun at the fair, but do not over do!!!

Did you and Carolyn hear about the things you entered in the fair?