Sunday, August 26, 2007


This Rose Doily won a blue ribbon. Scroll on down and you will see two more items that won a third place ribbon. It was fun. Now to start thinking about what I can enter next year. Rachel, I entered my Prairie Star Afghan, but it didn't win. I didn't like the way they had it displayed. It was folded up inside a case with other items placed on top. You couldn't see the pattern at all....Oh Well, I'm sure there isn't room to hang I'm happy with the ribbons I received.


dot said...

Clara that is so pretty! I'm not surprised that you won a blue ribbon.

Mountain Mama said...

Your doily is really beautiful. It deserved a blue ribbon. I entered a quilt at our local fair several years ago, and like you, I found it folded and stuck in a display cabinet where it couldn't be seen. I haven't entered anything since then.
I love to crochet and just made a little blanket for my great granddaughters dolly.

Marci said...

Oh Clara, I would like to see a picture of this doily on a table to see the whole thing. It is beautiful.

Jamie Dawn said...

That's beautiful!
You are ONE talented lady!!!!!