Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Three of Bristols Landmarks....

This is the Bristol sign...Half of it is in VA and half in TN. The two cities take turns each year replacing the bulbs that burn out! I wish I had been closer to it, but the train was going past. The sign is hovering over State Street.
Here is the train station. Since I made the picture it has a new tin roof.
And South Holston Dam. It was built in the early fifties and is the largest rock and earth dam in the United States. You can drive across the top of it and they have a building where you can stop and read all about the dam, leave your autograph and also have a picnic in the park!


Moobear said...

Hi clara,
Thanks for sharing the pictures. Wonder why they didn't make the sign be in just VA? Things like that messes me up. I appreciate you and your kindness to me and wanna letchie know I go to the
cardiologist tomorrow and will find out when the cath will be.
If I don't post, you will know why.
Dentist today, so I am bombarded right now with appointments. Take care clara, keep sharing your pictures with us. I enjoy them so much!! Wish I had a camera.

God Bless!

dot said...

Clara, I love your pictures. Isn't it nice that when we can't actually visit another place we can enjoy someone's pictures instead.

Peggy said...

I enjoyed reading about your trip! My daughter lives in Parrotsville, TN and I was born and raised in Brevard NC and my mother lived in Asheville till she passed away. It was nice seeing your photos and remembering when I saw the same things in person!

Tina Leigh said...

Clara those are some cool places!! I want to go drive across that dam!!