Friday, August 25, 2006

What Happened To Me This Morning.....

I wish I had made a picture of I don't either...... When I came downstairs....that's where my computer is..... I stepped off the steps into water!!!!!! My lower level was flooded!!!!! I have a commode that if you don't raise the handle UP when you keeps running. It is in my son's I think it was HIM who left it running.....but that's beside the point. My lower level was flooded. We have a shop vac, and I got it to going and I called my son. He came back home and helped me suck up the water. You talk about a CLEAN I have it. I didn't know it was so dirty behind my computer desk. That's one way of getting the cob webs out....being forced to do it LOL. I WILL fix my commode.....I think that is easier than mopping up water..... and who knows...who will be the next one to forget to raise the handle?????!!!!


Moobear said...

OH MY GOODNESS clara!!! I am sorry you had such a mess, but at least it was clean water! I kept coming to your blog and saw no entry for today until now! Blogger has been a mess with me all afternoon! I now know what you meant in your comment on my site. I musta missed two pictures below this blog as I did comment on one of them thinking you had edited those in for that day. Anyways so sorry for the mess you had, but now sit back and enjoy the cleaned areas. :)
Take care friend.
God Bless!

Tina Leigh said...

Clara what kind of floor do you have...I guess it's not carpet!