Monday, April 05, 2010

IN MY YARD......

I had to show you my flowers before I posted the Fl. pictures. They are georgous
.  You can click on them to make larger. This is what I have been waiting for all winter. It's so hard to stay inside. It's 80 degrees here today.How is the weather where you are?
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Beverly said...

Your flowers are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I love this time of year. Our weather today here in Calabash, NC
(on the coast) was 75*, and sunny.
Spring is my favorite season, love to see everything turning green, and all the flowers & trees blooming.

Lola said...

Your flowers are great. Glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are just beautiful. It is supposed to be 85 here today and I am loving it!

Beth said...

Hi Clara! Your flowers are so pretty. How wonderful that they greeted you when you returned from Florida! Welcome back home!

Grammy said...

Hi, Clara! So glad to see you back! I'll bet the weather here is hotter than it was in Florida! It is so wonderful to have warm weather again, and I love the flowers. I have not so many yet in my yard, but hey, pretty soon, I will.

Rachel said...

Our weather has been like yours, but tomorrow will be cooler in the 60's, but that's okay!

Lovely flowers!!