Saturday, December 05, 2009


My Christmas cactus is blooming nicely.   Geraniumns are blooming in my window box....with the Christmas Wreath behind.  A first for me!Mrs Claus resting quietly on my front porch!Another view of my porch.
Oh Christmas tree with the sun shining through.  It looks  pretty at nighttime.   And a look at the snow in my yard this morning.


W. Latane Barton said...

Dog nab it... where is our snow? No fair you getting the white stuff and all we are getting is rain. Yuck.

Rachel said...

We got snow too, about 1 1/2 inch and now it's almost all melted away. It was really pretty this morning though!

Your porch is so pretty!!

I love all your frog caps!! How cute is that?? Lisa's students will be thrilled!! You are so talented with your crochet hook Clara!!

grammyof13 said...

Clara, love the flowers and your tree is magnificent. I've drug my feet this year about decorating. I'll have it up by Christmas, I promised everyone!!!

Lola said...

Your porch is so pretty. I wish I had a porch to decorate. We hardly ever get any snow here. Back in Jan. 77 was the last time.

Cathy said...

Hello Clara
That Mrs Claus idea has got to be the best thing I've seen in along while
She looks so relaxed and cool on your porch - with all that snow maybe you need to give her a rug
to keep her toes warm lol
Take care

Beth said...

It looks so pretty and Christmasy at your house, Clara, especially with that snow! The geraniums look lovely with that Christmas bow---such a rare sight. And your Christmas cactus is so beautiful---I've never seen so many blooms on one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clara, Your decorations are so pretty. We did not get your snow on Saturday but have it this morning and it is cold, too. I wish I could have done more to help you with the playlist. I am sure it is just some small thing.I am sitting here in my pj's and due to the weather outside I may just stay in them today! I don't ever do that usually.

Grammy said...

Hi Clara!
It is cold here today, with a big frost on the ground but I have a lot of running to do this morning!
Love your pictures of your flowers and decorations. I plan to be in this afternoon when the wind and rain are supposed to be here.
Will blog later.

Lynda said...

Beautiful .... just lovely .... the snow is so very pretty too - & I love Mrs Santa Claus !

Jamie Dawn said...

I can tell from these shots that your home is a delightful winter wonderland!! How nice everything looks.
Stay warm and enjoy the Christmas season.
I pray you have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy and Healthy 2010!!