Friday, November 21, 2008


We had our first snowfall last night. It just covers the ground but is enough to let you know winter is upon us. I wonder what happened to global warming? It's 20 degrees below normal. Today I will decorate my mantle and maybe my tree. Tis The Season!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Clara, we have 6 inches already and still snowing. Guess we'll stay by the fire today. Hope you are well. Love, Susie

Frank Baker said...

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

bennie and patsy said...

I hope we get snow.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are going to decorate your tree and mantle . Isn't the snow pretty but I am staying in today and finishing my sock ( tree decoration) and hopefully starting something else. The mail box will be as far as I go ,if even that . It is cold . I sure am enjoying my fireplace . I love the lights on my tree and my houses lit up and listening to Christmas music. Carolyn

Judy said...

We had snow last night, too, Clara, but it was gone this morning. I tried to take pictures in the dark and all I got was a black picture with white spots on it. lol. It is cold here today, though. Have a good weekend.

Retta said...

Welllll-guess I will get in the mood for Christmas now wont I!!! LOL. The pictures are great. We had about 3 inches. I may even get in the mood to put my village out if it keeps snowing, I have to do something since I don't like to drive in this weather.

Cathy said...

Hello Clara
Well its frightful outside my house at the moment but in a rather good way
Its been raining for a couple of days and everything is really wet. Mind you the temps are like winter and the heating is on - not the most ususal thing for November, usually its sunhats and sunscreen.
Enjoy the snow , its looks very cold
Take care

Beth said...

It looks like you got about the same amount of snow we did, Clara! It was so pretty coming down--like a snow globe. And it really does get you in the mood for Christmas, doesn't it? Now let's just wish real hard for a white Christmas! :-)

Grammy said...

Hey there, Friend!
No snow here yet to really speak of, but it is surely COLD! Brrrrrrrrr. Not a lot of going outside for me either. The snow can just stay away as far as I am concerned. When it snows, I don't go, and I love to go!
Ruby (Great pictures, though)

Peggy said...

Hi Clara, the snow looks lovely. Is it normal at this time of year? We rarely get snow just lots of rain and fog!
best Wishes

Jamie Dawn said...

Try to stay warm, Clara!
I was told that this winter will be colder than the last few ones have been.
I am not a fan of winter or cold weather.
Usually, we don't get much snow at all. We only had one light snowfall last winter. I'm hoping things stay mild, but I know those freezing temperatures are on their way.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Enjoy decorating for the holidays.